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Merald of Katong is A Shining Light in Singapore’s Property Market


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The Emerald of Katong sits in the center of the exciting district of Katong. It’s right in the heart of Singapore. The property is a gem for experienced homeowners and investors. Jalan Tembusu is its home. The area is famous for its calm and fancy homes. These homes blend well with the liveliness of Katong. This is not a home but a sanctuary in the city. This elite site is prosperous and comfy. It provides an unsurpassable living experience. By blending beauty and convenience, the Emerald of Katong epitomizes luxurious homes. It’s in one of the best places in Singapore.

The Masters of Vision Development

Emerald of Katong’s backbone is Sim Lian Land Pte Ltd and Sim Lian Development Pte Ltd. They are experienced and well-known players in Singapore’s real estate industry. For a long time, they have proven to be the masters of turning ideas into done stuff. Emerald of Katong unites quality and longevity with art and eco-friendliness. 

Strategic Location:

  • Proximity to Top-Rated Schools: Emerald Flats is near some schools in Singapore for families with education in mind. Acting simply lets you offer your kids a great opportunity—one they will never forget.
  • Unparalleled Access to Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment: Open your door and step into the dynamic street beat of Katong. A cross-section of the neighborhood is here. It has OG Peranakan eateries serving your favorite dishes. It also has more new cafes and boutique outlets.
  • Excellent Access: Whether you’re going to work or exploring the island, the easy access to public transit and major roads is a big perk. These links let you connect to the best of Singapore. Forget tedious, long commutes. Enjoy the flexibility of living in a place that’s always connected to what you love.
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World-Class Amenities

  • State-of-the-Art Gym and Fitness Center: If you’re after a wellness experience, then the high-tech gym coupled with the fitness center at Jewel of Katong will be a great place to be. It has modernized machinery and facilities comparable to top-class gyms to fulfill every fitness dream; simultaneously, achieving fitness goals is easy with kicks.
  • Luxurious Swimming Pool and Leisure Areas: Plunge into our spacious swimming pool, an ideal spot for losing heat on rainy days or reading leisurely with a book. The shaded relaxation area around the pool is a peaceful, communal, or solitary space, according to taste.
  • Green Spaces and Playgrounds for Families: Emerald Flats understands the importance of outdoor activities for families. Our beautiful parks and play areas are perfect for children to play and explore.
  • Modern Living Spaces: Emerald Flats, set in the buzzing center of Katong, offer a place to dwell and a lifestyle. Recognizing the importance of a high level of detail and persistent excellence, these living spaces are designed to meet the demands of modern homeowners. They merge elegance with practicality and come up with the most innovative ideas.
  • Elegant Design and Spacious Layouts: The units in our Emerald Flats have great decoration. It maximizes space and helps the well-being of our Residents. Builder has many home choices that are good for single people and families and wait for you to decorate your dream life.
  • High-Quality Finishes and Fittings: From the first moment you set foot in the store, you can see that only the best is acceptable, for the quality of the craft is visible. With high-quality finishing and fittings, apart from the surety of durability, your house will be attractive and easy to clean.
  • Smart Home Features for a Convenient Lifestyle: According to modern life, Emerald Apartments will have smart home features. They comfort you with only one finger push. These intelligent features are easy and fun. They can intensify or lower lighting, control temperature, or set the house security system.
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Elevation of the Livability by the Emerald of Katong

By choosing a residence at Emerald Flats in Katong, you are investing in and joining a reputation of excellence from the Sim Lian Group. The group has over 40 years of industry experience and has always done exceptional projects that are quality, innovative, and add value for homeowners. 

Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

At Emerald Flats, every detail reflects the Sim Lian difference:

  • Superior Quality Materials: Despite all the other features that might be present in the room, when you take your first step into the front lobby, you will be entirely overwhelmed by the beauty of the marble entrance. You can observe the most modern design trends and premium-quality devices for your comfort and satisfaction in the kitchen area.
  • Attention to Detail: Sim Lian Group guarantees to be assiduous in the details of your house. Doing so will ensure that every part of your home is customized for the best use of space and light and has a smooth flow between the living areas.

Customer Satisfaction is a number one top priority.

  • Transparent Communication: It ensures that professional and easy communication runs from your first inquiry to move-in day. Expect to get transparent and honest communication. Trust is Sim Lian Group’s currency! We do our best to deliver you a seamless and transparent purchasing process.

After-Sales Support: Their dedication to you lasts beyond closing a deal. An after-sales team shall always be there to guide and help you as you adjust to your new home.

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