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Meri Brown Leaves Flagstaff, Says She Has to “Think About Life”


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We’ve been here before with Meri Brown.

We’ve been here many times before with Meri Brown.

She does or say something on social media. It seems to implicate a major problem in her spiritual marriage. And followers start to wonder whether or not she’s finally decided to leave Kody Brown.

Rinse. Repeat. Hope she makes the right decision.

Here we’re now going again with the Sister Wives star, as Meri shared the above selfie on Instagram Sunday, including with it a caption that reads:

“In the car again for a quick road trip!

“I sure do love solo road trips! Time to think about life, time to listen to my favorite audio books, time to jam out to fun music, whatever I want!”

In a vacuum, this would be a harmless statement and an innocuous act. Who among us doesn’t crave some alone time, right?!?

Meri Brown doesn’t live in a vacuum, though. She lives a significant time of her life in front of TLC camera, having agreed to document her life as the member of a plural marriage.

A seemingly miserable member of a plural marriage, it seems.

At one point on Sister Wives Season 16, Meri admitted that she and Kody were just friends, despite her desire for a much deeper and more intimate relationship.

At another point, we learned that Meri and Kody haven’t had sex for 10 years.

For these reasons and many more, there’s been a constant chorus from viewers for Meri to just get the heck out of there.

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For her to return to her native state of Utah and run the bed and breakfast she owns there.

Hence why they get excited when they see Meri take off on a road trip and say she must ponder life — and even for her to add, as she did to conclude her most recent caption, “I’ve got something fun happening this week, can’t wait to share it with you.”

Could this be tease? Could it be a reference to the abandonment of her marriage?

We highly doubt it.

“I’m not ever going to be in a conjugal relationship with her because I’m not going to go through that emotional torture ever again. … I’m not trying to make Meri sound bad, it’s just a bad match,” Kody said on this month’s tell-all special.

“There’s a point where intimacy is just damage.

“It’s misleading to have intimacy in a relationship where there’s no real safety. I’m not going there.”

Based on this quote and this stance alone, why is Meri still with Kody?!?

“I’ve been called by viewers: desperate, pathetic, embarrassing, told I have no worth and no value and a plethora of other things that I won’t even mention here,” the TLC personality wrote a couple weeks ago online.

“In actuality, what you’ve seen is me no longer being silent.

“What you’ve seen is me using my voice to have fun and bring humor to a not so perfect situation.”

Elsewhere, in an unaired scene from part three of the reunion special, Meri elaborated on her decision-making process.

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“I know that my goal and my purpose and my point is to just be a better person and to just look at the family because there’s value to that,” Brown explained in this footage.

The 51-year old concluded by pointing to where her focus is these days, and why it goes beyond any notion of a romance with just one person:

“There is value to this family that we have created.”


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