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Ximena Cuellar: Dating a New Man After Latest Split from Mike Berk?


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We saw real cruelty on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days when Ximena told Mike that she doesn’t love him.

She called him “weird.” She didn’t want to be around him. 

Evidence suggests that Mike and Ximena split up after this, got back together, and have very recently split again. There are even rumors of a new man.

Ximena has sown confusion, however, posting so many conflicting stories that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Ximena Cuellar hangover header crop

A couple of weeks ago, Ximena Cuellar, also known as Ximena Morales, posted a video to TikTok.

The video featured a man who was decidedly not Mike, combined with a love song and a bunch of heart emojis.

Ximena then deleted the video, but obviously, it was immediately all over the 90 Day Fiance side of social media.

Ximena Cuellar IG via John Yates - new man uploaded and deleted

Despite having been on a call with the guy, Ximena claimed that the video wasn’t hers.

She also claimed that her phone had been stolen when someone posted this (even though it’s the exact kind of video she has posted about Mike).

Ximena called it a “false video” in one breath. With another, she said that it was simply old, even though it was dated February 8.

Ximena Cuellar IG via John Yates -

It’s hard to keep track of all of that.

Shoutout to 90shotzfired on Instagram for keeping it in list form.

We apologize for the light mode in the screenshot, but it was worth seeing it all laid out like that.

90shotzfired IG rundown on Ximena Cuellar changing story

What’s more is that Ximena is rumored to have a new man, possibly the guy from the leaked video, though it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s real and what isn’t.

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There have also been DMs leaked, allegedly from Ximena, claiming that her kids didn’t like Mike, but only praised him for the show’s benefit.

That would be incredibly screwed up, if true. If it’s false, it’s incredibly screwed up to say. There’s nothing good about any of this.

Ximena Cuellar - you are weird

On Season 5, Episode 11, we all saw Ximena rolling her eyes and generally giving Mike the cold shoulder.

It went much further than telling him that she wouldn’t marry him until he paid for her to get breast augmentation surgery.

Ximena straight-up told him that she didn’t want to sleep with him, that he was “weird” and clingy, and that she wasn’t in love with him.

Mike Berk hears - I'm not in love with you

This must have been heartbreaking for Mike, who had to be wondering what had changed.

After all, his last visit to Colombia had been filled with affection.

This time, she didn’t even pick him up from the airport, and that was before she told him the ugly truth.

Ximena Cuellar - the first time Mike came, I was super in love

We all know what is coming, thanks to the previews.

Mike and Ximena will have a final conversation (he’d have been wiser to leave Colombia that night) that leaves Mike devasted.

He runs off into the night, channeling his inner Paul Staehle and declaring that he’s “done.” But was he?

Mike flees Ximena, declares he is done

Grimly, that was clearly not the end of their story.

Somehow, it looks like things turned around for these two last year … despite all common sense.

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Ximena’s old TikToks are rife with spoilers, including what strongly resembled a long-distance (renewed?) proposal.

Ximena Cuellar TikTok Mike Berk proposal 01 of 03

Ximena seems to be hooked on TikTok.

While we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone (it’s a bad app, sorry-not-sorry), that is at least age-appropriate for a 24-year-old.

It is also a virtual treasure trove of information about her life.

Ximena Cuellar TikTok post liposuction bruising

For one thing, it appears that Ximena did get the surgeries that she wanted, probably late last spring — just under a year ago.

Maybe Mike paid for them, but Ximena has claimed that he did not … for whatever that’s worth, giving her track record.

(One hopes that this does not mean that she went back to that loan shark to fund it)

Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar have a lot of awkward silence

Mike and Ximena were engaged for nearly a year before their breakup, which must have been extremely recent.

In early February, reports said that Mike was filming in Colombia, and Ximena’s family was seen (and heard) with him.

It’s possible that they were filming a new season, though some have mused that perhaps they filmed for the Tell All together but over long distance.

Things changed, starting with Ximena leaking that video of the other man … though this could have been before or after their split.

Ximena also showcased her colorful new tattoo.

Funny thing — that was the spot where she had Mike’s name tattooed, something that she showed off on social media in December of 2020.

Ximena Cuellar with

It’s not nearly as elaborate and it frankly looks closer to “Nike,” but this was a tribute to Mike.

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Ximena’s new tattoo completely covers and obscures this one, effectively purging it from her skin.

What’s more is that her decision to post her new tattoo is a clear sign that she wants everyone to know, NDA or no NDA.

Ximena Cuellar IG via John Yates - new man uploaded and deleted

And earlier this month, Ximena posted and deleted an over-the-top video of a man who was decidedly not Mike.

The video included a cascade of heart emojis and the same Spanish love song that she played on a similar video about Mike. Points for recycling?

No one seems to know who this mystery man is, but it looked like Ximena accidentally revealed either her new man … or, worse, a secret man.

Mike Berk not following Ximena Cuellar IG

Mike and Ximena are no longer even following each other on Instagram.

Mike’s name is gone from her bio, and some speculate that this wasn’t a mutual unfollowing — but that Mike may have blocked her.

However, they probably both got an earful from producers about their NDAs, so there are a ton of throwback pics on their Instagram accounts.

Ximena Cuellar IG damage control throwbacks with Mike Berk

It has been speculated that Ximena is deliberately putting out contradictory stories so that no one can guess the truth.

But, like, we can guess enough of it.

We don’t know if she’s moved on or not, despite her TikTok video of that new man, but she and Mike are clearly over. Hopefully, for good.


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