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Meri Brown Puts Facebook Troll on Blast: STFU About My Daughter!


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It takes a lot to make Meri Brown mad.

On the most recent episode of Sister Wives, for example, the long-time cast member talked in an eerily calm manner about the awful way in which she’s treated by her spirituall husband, Kody.

We’ll delve into that topic more shortly, however.

First, let’s all commend the TLC personality on the way she just handled a social media troll who deserved all of her wrath and anger.

Late last week, Meri went on Facebook Live in order to interact with fans… only to be quite taken aback when one total loser went ahead and asked the following question:

You only spawned one misfit?

WTF, right?!?

Meri, of course, has just one child, a daughter named Mariah who was born in 1995.

And, to her credit, she is NOT about to let some complete stranger talk in such an ugly way about her.

“Oh. Excuse my French everybody, but F​ you. You don’t call my child anything like that. OK, there you go, ” Meri fired back, appearing to kick the social media user out of her chat.

“You don’t do that to my kids.”

Amen, sister wife!

Brown then let her followers know that this type of behavior would not be tolerated during her Live chat.

Not now. Not EVER.

“Excuse me while I have a temper tantrum,” she added.

“I’m trying to calm down. I’m going to go. I’ll talk to you guys later.”

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No reason for Meri to make any apologies at all, in our opinion.

We’re proud of her for standing up for both Mariah and for herself.

We wish did it more often in the face of emotional abuse from Kody.

On Sunday’s Sister Wives installment, for example, Kody blasted Meri for daring to say she felt alone amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My relationship with Meri is not the kind of relationship where I’m going to talk with her every day,” the rude father of 19 explained in a confessional.

“My best guess is that her sister wives don’t feel like having any interaction with her daily either.”

Meri herself at last admitted on air that she and Kody were just friends, but she also made it clear that she wants a lot more.

“I guess I just kind of have hope for more than that,” she told viewers, emphasizing that she won’t be walking away from her marriage.

Again: Not now. Not EVER..

“If I quit and I walk away, then it’s not going to get better,” Meri told the camera.

“I’m not going anywhere, y’all. You’re stuck with me, whether you like it or not.”

Meri then said in a confessional that Kody implied there’s “no repairing” their relationship.

And while, yes, there are days when she feels “very discouraged,” she said she still has “so much hope,” for reasons that defy our comprehension.

Going back to 2015, Meri confessed on Sunday, “I was considering every single option that I had. Leave, go do my own thing. I’ve considered everything.

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“And this is where I am. This is my decision.”


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