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Amy Duggar: Josh Is a Freakin’ Sociopath, and I Can Prove It!


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In the weeks since Josh Duggar was convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography, his cousin Amy has been happily sharing her sense of overwhelming relief with her Instagram followers.

While most other members of her famous family have held off on issuing any sort of public statement, Amy has made it quite clear that she believes though justice has been served, and 100 percent Josh deserves to be locked up.

Amy thanked Jesus after Josh was convicted, and she’s continued blasting her creepy cousin nd celebrating is comeuppance ever since.

The mother of one clearly feels as though she’s finally free to speak out against her more nefarious relatives — and she intends to take full advantage.

Amy & Josh

There was a time when Amy might have experienced some profound consequences for sharing her true thoughts about life as a Duggar.

After all, her uncle Jim Bob has long been one of the most powerful men in northwest Arkansas.

But the Josh verdict has dealt a major blow to Jim Bob’s reputation, and Amy — probably correctly — believes that Jim Bob wouldn’t dare to sue or otherwise try to silence her now.

And so, she’s taking shots at her most deplorable relatives on an almost-daily basis — but in the interest of self-preservation, she still mostly avoids mentioning them by name.

The latest example of Amy’s calculated shade-throwing is a tweet in which she roasts an unnamed lunatic.

Obviously, her followers didn’t have to work very hard to figure out who she might be talking about.

Amy began by announing that she would be listing common “traits of a sociopath.”

“Lack of remorse, guilt or empathy, constant deception, inability to form emotional attachments, superficial charm, dishonesty, manipulative, reckless behavior,” she wrote.

Now, Anna has enjoyed mocking Jim Bob quite a bit in recent weeks, so it’s possible she meant for this tweet to apply to multiple Duggars.

Amy Tweet

But it’s Josh who has been at the forefront of Anna’s mind in recent weeks, and fans jumped to the conclusion that he’s the sociopath to whom she’s referring.

“Hmm… now who does that sound like?” one person replied, according to The Sun.

“Fits so many people,” another user added.

 “= Josh Duggar,” a third observed.

“Definitely Josh,” a fourth chimed in.

It’s obvious that Anna has enjoyed roasting her horrible relatives in recent weeks, but she’s also acknowledged the tragic nature of Josh’s situation.

We may never know for certain how many people have been victimized by the former lobbyist, but it’s a long list that includes his sisters, wife, and children.

“May the daughters who were abused feel validated,” Amy tweeted just minutes after the verdict was announced earlier this month.

“You are truly beautiful and worthy of love,” Amy added.

“May there be intense counseling / healing,” she continued.

“May there be wisdom for all those involved on how to move forward. Thank you Jesus. Justice has been served.”

Clearly, Amy wants her followers to know that for as much as she’s enjoyed taking pot shots at her depraved cousin, she recognizes the seriousness of his crimes, and she knows there’s nothing funny about Josh’s unspeakable acts.

While we’re sure Amy would not consider herself a victim in all of this, she has, in recent weeks, made it clear that the trial and its aftermath have taken a tremendous psychological toll.

Through all the difficult times, however, Amy has apparently taken comfort in her faith, and her knowledge that justice has been served. 

“My comfort comes from knowing God is in control, even in the chaos,” she tweeted this week.

Hopefully, for Amy and everyone else who has been affected by this scandal, the healing can begin now that Josh is finally locked up.

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