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Mexico City’s 15 Most Important Statues and Monuments


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Wanna know about some incredible statues and monuments of Mexico City? If your answer is yes to this wonderful question then you are on a good platform. In this article, you will know about the best 15 most important statues and monuments of Mexico city.

You will see that some will be situated at the heart of Mexico City and some can be at other locations. But you never miss any one of these 15 statues because these are like pearls and no one wants to lose pearls.

If you visit these monuments then you will never believe that these are made by a normal human of the earth. It is also unbelievable that these kinds of monuments stand on this earth. You want to see these unbelievable monuments then book your Hawaiian Airlines Tickets and reach Mexico to explore.

Here Is The List OF Most Important Statues and Monuments Of Mexico City’s

Monumento a la Revolución

The best and well-known monument of Mexico city is Monumento a la Revolution which is a recognizable monument. This is one of the largest triumphal arches in the world. One should visit this place if they visit Mexico City.

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El Ángel de la Independencia

If you want to chill out then you must visit this splendid museum which is situated on Paseo de la Reforma which is one of the largest and most important avenues of Mexico City. In 1910 it was built originally and famous as the most important statues and Monuments of Mexico City.

Monumento a Los Niños Héroes

Do you like towering monuments? If your choice meets this then this is the best monument for visiting. It is situated in the heart of Mexico City’s Bosque de Chapultepec which is located in the largest urban green space of Mexico. It was built in the memory of ninos heroes.

Fuente de Cibeles

This can be considered as the most emblematic landmark of Mexico City. In 1980, this statue was installed firstly. It is one of the best most important statues and monuments among all of the monuments situated in Mexico City. When you visit this place and see the monuments then you will learn a lesson about how to look at public art.

Estela de Luz

One of the best guides in Mexico city is Estela de Luz which is a recently erected monument. It was constructed in 2010-11. It is an impressive monument of Mexico City. If you talk about its height then it is 104 meters tall. This building also famous for its combinations of past and future design expertise in Mexico. 

Estatuas de Los Pegasos

If you cross near this monument then you can not go by avoiding this monument. It is so because it is an incredible and beautiful landmark which is situated in Mexico City. These most important statues and monuments showed the classical mythology of the global vision of progress. You can see the three different symbolic figures each of them has its own particular meaning.

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Estatua al Perro Callejero

It may not be very famous but it is splendid in itself. This is the statue of a street dog which is made perfectly. If you visit this then you will get that the model is based on an actual street dog. You are a person who loves dogs then you should visit this place and learn about stray and abandoned dogs.

Monumento a Los Indios Verdes

It is located in northern Mexico city which is also famous as the monument to the Green Indians. Several times, this monument got relocated before becoming a place that is known as a home currently. So do not miss the chance to visit this place and when you see this monument you can see the green color which is occurred due to moisture and climate.

Monumento de la Fundación de México-Tenochtitlan

At the time of reading Mexican history, you will find that it has good records. If you see the sign of this monument then it is like an eagle eating a snake. In 1970, it was inaugurated firstly from that time to know this is still looking beautiful and amazing.

There are many things that will help you to know about the history of Mexico. If you are interested to know about the detailed history of this palace then dial Jetblue Numero De Telefono to book your flight ticket. In this upcoming summer vacation, your should visit this place and explore a lot of things with your family.

El Caballito de Sebastián

The following monument is made by one of the famous and greatest artists of Mexico, El Caballito de Sebastián. The beauty of this monument is beyond words you just feel the beauty. This monument has 28-metre (92 ft) tall steel sculpture by Sebastián with a horse head. This is located in the outdoor location so you can take many Instagram pics of yours and make yourself famous.

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Estatua Ecuestre de Carlos IV

This statue is considered or called the bronze statue which is located in the heart of Mexico City. The following statue is made by a famous sculptor Manuel Tolsa. This monument was his magnum opus.

Some other most important statues and monuments of Mexico city is as follows:-

  • La Diana Cazadora
  • Monumento a Colón
  • Monumento a Cuauhtémoc Hemicycle a Juárez

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