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NFPA 70E Certification: Is It Worth the Investment?


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Arc flash safety certification is entirely worth the investment. Not only does the training inform you of everything you need to know in preparation for dangerous work events and related injuries, but it also gives electrical workers ways to respond in these emergencies, the protective gear to wear, and everything else that is necessary to conduct sound electrical work. You may be required to complete this training to work as a certified electrician where you’re located. 

Additionally, you’ll be introduced to practical techniques that’ll make working in electrical work environments safer. The risk assessment protocols you’ll learn will accumulate as you go through each article of the NFPA 70E document. Completing your course is often done in a limited timeframe, like an 8-hour session with a 4-hour Qualified Worker course that provides the essential info you need to work safely in electrical environments. 

Moreover, safety topics will be covered that responsible electricians will want to know to conduct work safely and with awareness to others in or near their working environments. Some of the skills taught include the proper use of standard safety equipment, the care of protective equipment, the risks and protocols of responding to arc flash emergencies, and the training requirements established by OSHA. Investing in NFPA 70E certification is worth it as it prepares workers to conduct their safest work. For more information on the importance of investing in NFPA 70E certification and why it’s worth the investment, continue reading below. 

If you don’t complete your NFPA 70E certification, the consequences can be catastrophic. 

A lack of awareness of the dangers of arc flash events can be fatal. Without completing your NFPA 70E certification, you won’t know the signs that indicate an arc flash is underway. Not only will you be more likely to bring more harm to yourself and those nearby, but you’ll also risk severely damaging the equipment you need to conduct work daily. The consequences of being uninformed about arc flashes and arc flash safety are severe and, in some cases, fatal. 

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Investing allows you to increase your safety and avoid arc flash-related injuries. 

As you work through your training to achieve your NFPA 70E certification, you’ll learn to identify the possible causes of arc flashes, stay aware of preventive risks, and respond appropriately. You’ll know the code of conduct that all electricians are to follow to conduct safe electrical work. When you invest in your certification, you’ll learn about additional training, like Lockout/Tagout. This training is just as crucial as arc flash training because it also serves the purpose of increasing worker protection and injury prevention as they relate to electrical equipment. 

Invest in your certification for legal and safety reasons.

With the priceless information you’ll learn, there’s no reason not to invest in your NFPA 70E certification. If your employer is legally required to ensure you complete this training, that’s more reason to invest. Get certified through a standard training program and increase your knowledge of safe electrical work. 

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