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Most Innovative Ideas for a Modern Bedroom


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The modern style denotes elegance and comfort. Straightforward designing with straight lines that ooze elegance. A modern bedroom can be the perfect definition of rich elegance. You can imagine a perfectly sleek, clean space that makes you excited and calm at the same time. The extremely simple design can impress some people but it may also appear lonely and stark for many because of the simplistic outlay.

While the definition of a modern bedroom is quite simple, you can always quirk it up with these innovative ideas.

Use a Statement Bed

Your bed is clearly the king of your bedroom so why not make it special. Use a bed that is as sleek and modern as your bedroom. You can use a metallic frame around the headboard or you can use a modern poster bed with shiny, lacquered edges. Use your Linenly bamboo sheets Australia and pillows in the same colours as the walls and ceilings to maintain the clean monochrome effect. 

Blue Accents

While the modern aesthetic is mainly denoted with neutral shades like grey and white, blue can be easily a part of a beautiful modern bedroom. The colour blue has a serene and calming effect that also helps in better focus and efficiency. You can use blue in your modern bedroom for some statement accessories like wall art. You can also use blue curtains, mats and pillows to enhance the effect. 

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Textures and Details

Another excellent way to play with the modernist palette is with textures. Using concrete walls can be a great way to play with textures in neutral shades. You can also add some wooden details to furniture and wall hangings. This can give an old-world rustic feel but not too overwhelming. It can be a serene effect with the addition of these little details full of interesting textures.

Using Abstract Art

Modern art is the perfect way to glorify a modern bedroom. Abstract art pieces are generally very bold and colourful. They are very striking and not every person can understand the meaning behind the image. You can use your favourite abstract art pieces in many ways. Perhaps, a large frame on the headboard or create a corner with the statement piece and a seating arrangement. Having an art piece can add the perfect amount of zing and colour to the otherwise stark modern bedroom.

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Pop art Aesthetic

Using popular art pieces can be very exciting in a modern bedroom. If you are not a fan of abstract art, there must be some popular art pieces that you may like. These are also full of colour and often have a strong symbolism. Moreover, these art pieces are very easy to recognize for guests as well. Hence, it can give a sense of familiarity and comfort. You can also use statement sculptures instead of paintings. Something that sets the focus in the room.


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