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Important Things to Know About Outdoor Blinds


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Decorative blinds are a style statement for homes. Everyone loves curtains because they are very charming and hold great importance in our household. But you cannot maintain your privacy with such heavy curtains, and you can choose outdoor blinds to decorate your property. You can install such blinds at your outdoor area and create some sheds for your guests. These blinds can prevent harmful UV rays, and they are completely rust and corrosion-resistant.

Blinds are the most beloved things in the house. The ancient blinds were made up of animal hide. These hides were soaked in water and hung up on the windows. It helps in creating a cooling effect inside the room and gives the feel of natural air. Just like this, there are some other interesting facts about outdoor blinds.

A Long History About Outdoor Blind:

Outdoor blinds have a rich long history. It is said that the blinds were made from reeds and bamboo by Ancient Chinese and Egyptians. Venetian outdoor blinds didn’t come from Venice, it was invested in Persian. These blinds were used to keep the rooms cool.

  • Heavy shades were used to cover windows without any other form of air circulation. The window coverings kept the inclement weather out but also trapped. It was unhealthy for children.
  • The city of Rome turned very dusty during the construction of the Great Coliseum. It was not easy to deal with the construction chaos of the massive project.
  • The citizens of Rome came up with the idea of hanging damp clothes over their windows. This helps in preventing dust and this was the begging of Roman blinds. That’s why these blinds are known as Roman blinds.

What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Blinds?

1. Helps to reduce your electricity bills:

Outdoor blinds can help in reducing your monthly electricity bills. It not only protects you from light but also from heat and harmful UV rays. It helps in reducing heat gains by 33% and reduces heat up to 10%. This can be a great way of reducing the electricity bills. So, you can install such blinds to save your power consumption cost.

2. Helps in reducing carbon dioxide in your room:

It is an interesting fact about outdoor blinds that it helps in reducing the carbon dioxide in your room. Blinds absorb carbon dioxide and keep your home and environment clean and safe. But there is no scientific reason behind this, and people believe that blinds can absorb the moisture from your interior, and they can keep your rooms fresh.

3. Available in various Colors:

Colors play an integral part while choosing outdoor blinds. Colour fabrics were extremely expensive in the Victorian era. It could only be bought by noble and rich people. Typical families used to buy dark fabrics for curtains. These dark fabrics could perfectly fit in their dull and monotonous home. But blinds are available in different colours and patterns, and you can choose the best one according to your needs.

4. Waterproof:

Outdoor blinds are usually not 100% waterproof. It depends upon the materials and quality of the fabrics used. It can be quite water-resistant. Outdoor blinds provide weatherproofing to protect the deck from harsh weather like rain, sun, and strong winds.

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Outdoor roller blinds:

It is similar to an interior roller blind running down vertically in front of the glass and open apertures. You should use outside mount blinds if you are installing blackout window treatment to block unwanted lights.

Mounting blinds outside the window frame gives more light coverage than the blinds that change from inside.

Outdoor blinds offer privacy, and they can keep your family safe from harsh climate. Outdoor blinds maximize the space, and it is an excellent way for optimal space utilization. It helps in enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

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