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Nelly Accidentally Leaks Oral Sex Tape: Sorry Everybody!


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Whoa, Nelly!

The 47-year-old rapper leaked a video of himself on the receiving end of a sex act.

Nelly has apologized to those who saw the video in the last place they’d expect to see it, and implied that he’d been hacked.

What makes this even weirder is the reactions that some on social media loudly posted, turning the event into an uninvited critique.

This week, Instagram followers of Nelly received quite a surprise.

On Tuesday, February 8, a video was posted to Nelly’s Instagram Story.

Followers were stunned to see a video with Nelly’s penis in full view for portions of the video, in which he was being fellated by an unknown woman.

Nelly IG top crop of screen recorded leak

While we obviously cannot and will not show the actual content, suffice it to say that it was not a brief glimpse.

During the video, Nelly could be heard softly moaning, as if deliberately trying to avoid making too much noise.

While longer celebrity sex tapes have certainly been released onto the internet, viewers got an eyefull.

Obviously, this type of content isn’t permitted on Instagram, which is infamously restrictive on nudity and sexual content.

The video was quickly deleted from Nelly’s Instagram Story.

Naturally, given how social media works, it only takes about 20 seconds — at the most — to find the video, as it was saved by many who saw it.

Nelly for DWTS Season 29

Speaking to multiple outlets, Nelly released a statement apologizing for what happened.

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“I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family,” the rapper expressed.

Nelly acknowledged that “this is unwanted publicity for her/them.”

Nelly clarified: “This was an old video that was private and never meant to go public.”

To most of us, the woman in the video is unfamiliar and not identifiable.

But it seems likely that people in her life may have seen the video and, to her horror, recognized her. That can be life-changing.

go nelly

Also addressing multiple news outlets, Nelly’s team shared that they are “investigating a breach.”

The team admitted that they are “concerned” that “more of Nelly’s private content may also end up online.”

This could be “including financial information, personal documents, and passwords.”

Sometimes, celebrities simply post the wrong thing in the wrong place — as anyone potentially might.

Most people have only a few thousand followers on any given account, and can quickly delete things to cover their mistake.

But someone like Nelly, with 3.3 million Instagram followers, knows that even the briefest post will live online forever.

Nelly IG 3.3 million followers

In Nelly’s case, the statement seems to imply that he was not responsible for the post, that someone else may have accessed his account.

It’s possible that the rapper is being blackmailed or is otherwise the target of malicious electronic activity.

That said, it is also possible that Nelly’s team is hoping to help him to save face for something much more accidental.

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One odd and especially unkind aspect of the response to Nelly’s leaked video has been some ridicule of his penis.

We wouldn’t really touch on this topic if there weren’t so much of it on social media.

But a lot of people felt the need to mock Nelly’s penis as shown in the video, declaring it to be “small” and even roasting the woman by extension.

Nelly salsa dancing on DWTS

There’s an odd amount of clout-chasing on social media that can make people especially toxic and overly negative.

People like to make themselves appear smarter and more discerning by declaring how much they dislike something popular, for example.

By the same token, it looks like some people were trying to prove that they have lofty standards of penises.

Nelly concert photo

In the video, Nelly appeared to be above average in length and girth, but another factor in reactions may be a combination of inexperience and porn.

A lot of people on social media have, for many years, accidentally confessed their total lack of familiarity with sex due to limited experience with real partners.

It’s likely that the pandemic has made this worse, and so porn and widely circulated dong photos have given people skewed ideas of the human body.

We’re not Nelly fans — especially not after multiple women accused him of sexual assault several years ago.

Even so, it would be nice to see social media denizens stop feeling that they have to prove to others that they’re the harshest critics (and biggest size queens).

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This was not posted deliberately by Nelly or by the woman who appeared in the video. It’s not like it was submitted for evaluation, c’mon.


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