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Personal Injury Cases One Can Claim


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Personal Injury cases cover a broad field. There are several types of injuries. People can approach a top personal injury attorney to file a compensation case. One needs to know the types of injuries that the attorney can help with. 

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Automobile Accident: This is one of the categories the attorney may file the suit. One can file for compensation for car and motorcycle accidents. The attorney can help claim the compensation if the fault is not yours. You must have the medical injury statements. As such, the compensation depends on the intensity of the injury.

Further, one can also claim compensation for accident deaths. The attorney will help get the police report and other necessary documents to file the case in court. 

Medical Malpractice: An inappropriate treatment leads to death or injury. It is because of the negligence of the medical practitioner. An expert lawyer shall help you file for compensation. This category is a bit tricky. As the lawyer has to prove that the doctor has broken a rule. A doctor’s wrong action can help you get compensation. 

Liability of the Product: If any product that you buy causes an injury because of its defect, one can file a case. Some products are dangerous. At times, products that are safe to use can also cause injuries. The main plot is behind the defect and not the usage. 

Slip and Fall: Slipping or falling on private or public property can cause injuries. If the injury is because of the site’s negligence in safety precautions, you can file for compensation. Say, for example, that the construction site may not have adequate precautions. In such places, if there is an injury, you can claim compensation for sure. 

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Many other personal injury cases may be eligible for compensation. However, one needs to realize that, the injury compensation is for the other person’s or property’s fault. If you have done a mistake and the injury is because of that, you cannot file a complaint on that. 

Two Examples of Eligibility to File a Compensation Case

  • You can claim for the car accident injury if the fault is on the other driver. You may also claim for the damages, the attorney shall help you with that. The main condition is, that you must not be at the receiving end for mistakes. You being at the wheel, and drunk cannot be eligible for filing the case. At the same time, you are eligible when your car is hit by the other vehicle due to drowsy driving by the other driver.
  • A construction worker dies at a site of electrocution. You can claim it. The attorney will look for all possible facts to prove the employer is wrong in causing the death. 


The job of the attorney is to collect all the necessary documents from the accident site. He must also collect the police report before proceeding further. An expert lawyer can be of great help in this regard. You may consult the lawyer if there is any personal injury because of some other reasons too. 

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