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Pete Davidson to Kim Kardashian: I’m Not Gonna Let Kanye Scare Me Off!


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If you’ve been watching Saturday Night Live in recent weeks, you might have noticed that Pete Davidson has been conspicuously absent from the show.

We suppose that’s not surprising, given the fact that Pete has a lot on his plate these days.

As you’re probably aware, Pete is dating Kim Kardashian, and while this is certainly not the 28-year-old’s first high-profile relationship, it’s certainly his most dramatic.

That’s because Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West has lost his damn mind in recent months, and these days, the rapper spends most of his time stalking Kim and harassing Pete.

Kanye, Kete

In case you can’t tell from Kanye’s recent poem about how he’s actually been dead this whole time, a la Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense, West has been more unhinged than usual in recent months.

And that’s a problem for Pete, as Ye really, really dislikes him.

In Kanye’s latest music video, he’s portrayed decapitating a claymation Davidson and burying him alive.

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - Pete Davidson unmasked

We’re not sure if Kanye has a goal in all this, or if he’s simply lost the few remaining marbles that were still rattling around in his skull.

Ye’s antics might cause some men to jump ship and tell Kim to give them a call once their ex gets institutionalized.

But Pete is sticking by her side and refusing to give in to Kanye’s scare tactics.

“Pete has told Kim in every way possible that he isn’t going anywhere, and he really couldn’t care less what Kanye does,” a source close to the situation tells Hollywood Life.

“Nothing surprises him when it comes to Kanye and he is not going to let Kim get away. This whole saga has only made them stronger,” the insider continued, adding:

“Pete will stick by her for as long as she will let him. He’s lovestruck.”

The source went on to state that while Pete may have started traveling with a security detail in recent weeks, he was not motivated by fear of Kanye:

“Pete is not scared of Kanye, he is very busy with work and dealing with having an amazing relationship with Kim that is making his focus steer clear from Kanye,” the insider says.

Yes, Pete might not be popping up on SNL as frequently as he has in the past, but that doesn’t mean he’s not busy.

Several sources have now confirmed that the comic is working on a new movie project that’s loosely based on his life.

We’re hoping that Kim and Kanye will both play themselves.

Sure, the script probably won’t be very flattering to Ye, but with an ego that size, there’s no way that West can pass up the opportunity to see himself on the big screen in the role he was born to play.

We kid, of course.

Kanye will continue to be consumed with rage until he either 1. moves on to a new relationship of his own, or 2. suffers some sort of consequence — like losing custody of his kids — that will force him to pause and consider his actions.

Here’s hoping it’s the former.

The guy is a doofus, but he seems to be suffering from major mental health issues — and there’s no reason the kids should suffer anymore than they already have.

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