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Phygital – An Introduction To Phygital Stores


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Combining the digital and physical landscape. Phygital Stores basically means that retailers are blending their brick & mortar stores with social & digital marketing to get closer to customers and to better the customer’s journey around our retail store. A lot of people do not have time to commute to the local store, or even spend time browsing through a computer screen in the store, so the more time they spend online shopping the more time they have to stay in-store to enjoy all the benefits of the shopping experience. Social & Digital Marketing helps retailers increase customer satisfaction, drive sales, boost productivity, increase bottom line results, and connect with their customers on a new, deeper level. The key to this strategy is in the integrated process of the Internet, Phygital Store, and the Retail Team.

The goal of the Phygital Store is to provide an innovative and engaging experience for the customer at the point of purchase. Customers want to feel like they’ve come to a real store and not some faceless website. The ideal place to achieve this is with the help of an experienced digital marketing agency. From start to finish, the entire process should be integrated into a seamless experience that takes into account the needs of both the customer and the retailer.

Design and layout- The design and layout of the Phygital Store is an important element. This is the place where the customer can physically see everything, but also track the interactions they have with the company via the computers. Many retailers focus solely on a digital experience, completely ignoring the physical presence of the store. The physical store will offer the best of both worlds, offering the possibility to take the computer home, where it is protected, to ensure everything is working correctly. The display will also make it easy for customers to navigate through the web pages, helping them find exactly what they’re looking for in order to make their next purchase.

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AR augmented reality Phygital has developed its own proprietary software that integrates with augmented reality smart phones to create a richer digital shopping experience. The physical store is fully equipped with these smart phones and a customized integration and control platform so that retailers can customize an experience for their clients. Phygital believes that smart phones can be an excellent way to interact with retailers, offering them the chance to add interactivity to their websites and increase customer loyalty by providing an engaging shopping experience. Phygital also makes use of a number of software solutions to help manage the inventory and sales processes. Many of these solutions also integrate with their smart phone and tablet devices.

Digital signage- The key to any successful marketing strategy is to have an effective marketing strategy. When you’re trying to increase your customer base, a large part of that strategy involves making sure that your brand is represented somewhere in the digital world. Phygital has developed a comprehensive digital signage system that can be used by retailers of all sizes. Whether you want to promote yourself or a specific product or service, Phygital has you covered.

E-commerce- The e-commerce platform at Phygital is designed to make it easy for retailers to do more with their data and process their orders faster and with better accuracy. By combining the power of technology with a strong focus on customer service, retailers can set themselves apart from their competition. For smaller businesses, this can be all it takes to help them grow and achieve success.

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Physical stores- While there are many benefits to using e-commerce and digital technology, there is one major drawback to both of these solutions and this is the fact that physical stores have a limited amount of space. This limits the amount of products that they can display and also limits their potential for generating sales. With the Phygital Store, this is completely removed. There is no limit to the amount of products or services that you can display and offer for sale.

Although the Phygital Store was developed for physical retail stores, its application is also equally applicable to online retail stores. Although many people use the internet to find the products and services that they need, there are still millions of people who are not able to find what they are looking for through conventional methods. Phygital has developed an e-commerce website that can be used by retailers of all sizes. In fact, because of the various features that the site offers, it is capable of being used by even the smallest online retailer. If you are interested in Phygital as a way to increase your sales, you may want to look into checking out the different options that are available to you.

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