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Prince William: Did He Bully Harry & Meghan Into Leaving London?


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It’s been almost two years since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the UK, and there’s still rampant speculation about what exactly prompted them to make the move.

Yes, we know from Meghan’s Oprah interview that the royals treated her horribly to the point that she contemplated suicide.

But was there a precipitating event that prompted Harry and Meghan to say enough is enough?

And which one of the royals pestered the Sussexes the most and was therefore most responsible for their decision to step down?

Since Meghan took the high road and decided not to name the person who expressed concerns about Archie’s skin tone, we might never know the identity of the main bully who contributed the most to Harry and Meghan’s misery.

But while the name of the bigot who made the Archie remark will probably always remain a mystery, two prime suspects have emerged as the Sussexes’ chief tormentors — Prince Charles and Prince William.

Since those two have the most to gain from the royal family remaining unchanged as an institution, it makes sense that they would be the ones who were most threatened by the Sussexes’ continued presence in London.

Again, it’s unlikely that either Meghan or Harry will point the finger at one of the princes, but according to royal expert and Meghan biographer Andrew Morton, if you want to blame Megxit on one specific royal, William’s your man.

“He obviously had an influence in it,” Morton told Fox News this week when asked about the role that William played in the Sussexes’ departure.

“I think that Harry resented the fact that he supported his relationship with Kate Middleton over the years. We forget that the palace didn’t believe she and William would marry,” Morton added.

“They didn’t think she had what it took to be the future queen, initially. But Harry always supported her. He was always friendly with Catherine. They were always joking and laughing together,” he continued.

“And the fact that William couldn’t do the same for him did not sit well with Harry. There’s no doubt that there was a divide between the brothers.”

So according to Morton, it was the ongoing trend of William’s inaction that prompted his brother to bail, rather than any specific comments or behaviors.

The author went on to allege that the problem wasn’t so much Meghan as it was a temperamental difference between the two princes.

“William is a cautious guy,” he explained.

“He spent eight years with Kate and they broke up briefly at one point before they married. For Harry, it was instant when it came to Meghan,” Morton continued.

“But William felt it was just too quick. And he didn’t know much about her family,” he said.

“I remember in those early years, anything that was being reported about Meghan’s family was coming from her brother and sister speaking out to the press.”

It makes sense that someone as tradition-bound as William would be skeptical of the American Markles.

And in fairness, the majority of them turned out to be pretty awful.

As for the reports that Kate was Meghan’s primary antagonist, Morton says they’re simply untrue.

“I’ve spoken to people who know Kate, I’ve seen her in action and she’s not a confrontational person,” the author told Fox News.

“She’s someone who wants to get on with things. Both women did not want to fall into the trap of being seen as dueling duchesses by the press. They were cordial to each other and friendly in public. But Meghan did not feel supported.”

Now Morton is somewhat contradicting Meghan herself here, as the Duchess famously told Oprah that Kate made her cry just before the royal wedding.

But for the most part, Morton seems to be on the Sussexes’ side, and he says their new life in California is nothing less than ideal.

“Harry has an idyllic life in California,” said Morton.

“There isn’t an executive in Hollywood that would say no to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex… It’s quite the transformation for them.”

And it sounds like the best thing about this new life is the fact that the couple has finally put some distance between themselves and the royals.

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