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90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days Trailer Teases Hurt Feelings, Fears, and True Love in Season 5!


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We are less than two months away from Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

The new season is introducing seven all-new couples … but there is one familiar face lurking among the newcomers.

Shortly after the cast list was released, the trailer dropped.

Watching this video … we are already chomping at the bit, eager for the new season to arrive on December 12.

Ben is a 52-year-old from Michigan.

Mahogany is a 24-year-old from Peru.

Despite the age gap and geographical differences, Mahogany messaged Ben after he was featured in a fitness magazine.

Ben says that Jesus will bridge their age gap

Their DMs helped them blossom into a relationship, and Ben says that their shared Christian beliefs will bridge any divide.

Ben was previously a married pastor within an extremely strict Christian community, and he believes that Mahogany is his second chance.

But his friends have noticed some red flags, as they spell out in this trailer.

Ben has never actually spoken with Mahogany on video

Ben and Mahogany have never video chatted — at all. He has seen photos of her and they message.

His friends think this girl, if she exists, may be using him … or could even be catfishing him.

The trailer doesn’t show them together yet, but there is a cast photo of her (not standing with Ben) … make of that what you will.

Caleb is a 28-year-old from Arizona.

Alina is a 27-year-old from St. Petersberg, Russia.

They were actually online friends as teens, but ended up losing touch over the years … until recently.

Caleb jogs in the trailer

Caleb and Alina reconnected 13 years later and their rekindled friendship became something decidedly more romantic.

Alina is a little person, and her disability prevents her from walking or standing for extended periods.

They have real concerns about how their lifestyles will mesh … and the judgments that they could face for their differences.

Alina is all dressed up in the trailer

In the trailer, we can see those concerns play out as Alina is anxious before their airport reunion.

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She worries that Caleb will react differently to seeing her in person, in her wheelchair, than he does to her online.

Alina is not the only star this season who worries that in-person meetings could lead to rejection.

Ella is a 29-year-old from Idaho.

Johnny is a 34-year-old from Jinan, China.

Ella is a country girl who describes herself as being obsessed with Asian culture, which is already … a bit loaded.

Ella worries how Johnny will react to her in person

To make matters more intense, they met on a dating app that matches Asian men with white women.

Meanwhile, Ella worries about how Johnny will view her when they meet up in person.

She has faced painful rejections before now, and does not want to go through that again.

Johnny says that Ella eats dessert because "well it's America"

In the trailer, it sounds like some of Johnny’s relatives are “concerned” about this … but it’s not clear how Johnny feels.

Their storyline is clearly going to feature issues of cultural appreciation vs fetishization, body image issues, and more.

It will be interesting to see how all of that works out when they come face to face in Idaho.

Gino is a 51-year-old from Michigan.

Jasmine is a 34-year-old from Panama.

Gino has divorced his ex-wife, a Brazilian woman, after seven years of marriage and is looking to move on.

Jasmine to Gino - I'll make love to you like two wet animals

Gino and Jasmine international dating site and fell head over heels for her personality, her looks, and her scholarly mind.

Jasmine is not shy about getting explicit over the phone, even when cameras are watching.

The two also have some sexy fun in the water during the trailer.

Jasmine wants Gino's password

But it looks like Jasmine has real jealousy issues.

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In the trailer, we see her demanding Gino’s phone’s password so that she can snoop through his messages.

That is a complicated boundary for couples to navigate, and not a fair unilateral demand.

Jasmine yells at Gino

We even see Jasmine yell at and interrogate Gino before storming off in anger.

Gino openly asks the camera if he made a mistake.

Well … did he?

Kimberly is a 50-year-old divorcee from San Diego.

32-year-old Usman Umar is already well known to fans as the aspiring music star “Sojaboy” from Nigeria.

We already saw his disastrous marriage to “Baby Girl” Lisa Hamme. Now, he’s back at it.

Usman Umar undeserved glamor shot in the trailer

Apparently, a year ago, Kimberly messaged Usman as a “fan” of his music. Yes, he really has fans.

Wouldn’t you know it, but Usman and Kimberly’s communications blossomed into a potential romance.

Usman invited her to come see him where he is filming a new music video, despite his alleged concerns about history repeating itself.

Kimberly wears her Usman shirt at the airport

Usman is once again dating a much older white American woman.

Many fans suspect that he has ulterior motives and no intention of marrying her.

The real benefit could be continuing to promote his music to millions … which does seem to be at least a side benefit.

Kimberly is jealous of Usman Umar's music video

But Kimberly, like Baby Girl Lisa Hamme before her, is intensely jealous of Usman’s career.

In the trailer, she asks why he would invite her to a music video that’s not about her.

The echoes of his past relationship were not lost on him, but his amusement did not go over well.

Kimberly splashes water on Usman Umar and storms off

That’s when Kimberly splashes his face with water in the trailer and storms off.

Oh yeah, this storyline is going to be a lot.

Let’s just hope that things don’t end quite as awfully as they did with Lisa.

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Memphis is a 34-year-old Michigan native.

Hamza is a 28-year-old from Tunisia.

The two met online 8 months ago and developed a relationship.

Memphis in the shower to Hamza - sexy time

Memphis has a “wild side” following an unstable childhood, but is hoping to find a stable relationship to keep her grounded.

We get to see some of their long-distance shower video chatting, which is apparently just a thing that this franchise is doing now.

It turns out that Hamza proposed to Memphis after only a few months. She said yes.

Hamza - in Tunisia we do not have prenups

She’s planning to marry him during this trip to Tunisia.

In addition to getting to know her fiance better, she wants him to sign a prenup … and the pushback could end up tearing them apart.

But then, so could a lot of things. After all, they are still getting to know each other.

Mike is a 34-year-old from Thiells, New York.

Ximena is a 24-year-old from Colombia.

She is also a single mother whose previous relationship clearly put her through a lot.

Ximena tells Mike she lived with a hitman

Ximena speaks no English. Mike speaks almost no Spanish. They use a translator app, which has its own drawbacks.

But despite a serious language barrier, the two of them are talking about marriage and kids.

Mike wants to not only marry Ximena, he wants to take her and her kids back to the US with him as a family.

Mike hears that the hitman had Ximena locked up

Mike has sent Ximena money and gifts.

There are real questions about whether Ximena truly loves him and not just what he can do for her.

At one point during the trailer, Ximena seems to confess that she is not in love with Mike.

Mike flees Ximena, declares he is done

This moment of painful honesty in the trailer sees Mike literally fleeing.

We see him running off through Colombian streets as production chases after him.

Is he a non-toxic Paul Staehle? Only time will tell.


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