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How to remove tile floor renovation on concrete?


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If you’re considering a floor renovation, updating your tiles can be a great way to achieve a modern and stylish look. For a contemporary aesthetic, you may want to consider concrete look tiles, which offer the durability and practicality of traditional tiles with a sleek and modern design. Moreover, the rotted, cracked or wrapped floor doesn’t look good. If your tile floor has damaged, stained or squeaky, you should definitely consider a floor renovation.

To renovate your floor, you need to remove the old tiles to install the new ones. If you want to renovate the entire floor, you should hire professional tilers in Perth to do this project. However, if you need small renovations, you can do it by yourself. But, you need a step-to-step guide to do it effectively.

There isn’t a simple solution to remove tiles. In contrast to tile on cement board or wood, there is no underlayment or subfloor to be pried up and discarded. Moreover, knocking out the tiles and glue is required to remove tile from concrete. It takes time and effort to remove tiling. Even a small floor takes a half-day to remove its tiles.

Required tools

Before starting the procedure, make sure you have the tools. First and foremost among them is, having safety equipment.

Safety tools are essential for floor renovation

  • Safety glasses
  • A dust mask 
  • Safety knee pads
  • Protective gloves

Safety tools are essential to ensure a safe tile removal procedure because small shards of tiles fly during removing them. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your eyes and hands from getting damaged.

Tile removing tools

  • 2-3 inches long cold chisel
  • Hammer
  • Hand moul
  • Electric tile stripper
  • A jackhammer
  • Vacuum
  • Trowler

Removing tiles can create a lot of stuff, so you are going to need a dustbin and a brush to remove the mess side by side.

How to remove tiles from concrete?

Planning and preparation

Planning and preparation are much needed to organise the tile removal process. Otherwise, you will get perplexed about where to start and where to end. Moreover, you will need to thoroughly prepare the space; in which you want to remove the tiles.

  • Clear the space

Remove the furniture and other things that are possible to remove. Otherwise, you can cover them with a protective cloth.  As far as concerned with other features, it is good to cover them all. It is good to cover other things like decorative features in the place to prevent them from any damage.

Tile removal

When you clear the surface, the next step is to start the removal process.

Step 1. Chisel up the tile

  • Start with the chipped tile if any. This is an easy way to start removing the tiles. However, if you don’t have any chipped or broken tiles, you can start with the concrete between the two tiles.
  • Work with chisel and hand-maul to lose the tile. You will probably find some stubborn and easy tiles to lose. To remove stubborn tiles, strike their face to break them up. In this way, these will remove easily.
  • Use a jackhammer instead!

            You can also use a jackhammer if the tile is too stubborn to lose.

  • An electric tire stripper is the best.

If you want to cover a large area of floor renovation, you can consider an electric tile stripper instead of a chisel and hand-maul.

Remove adhesive concrete

Step 2. Make the surface adhesive-free

  • To make the surface smooth you need to remove the adhesive from the surface to make it clean and smooth. 
  • You need the right type of solvent to remove the adhesive. There are some solvent chemicals that you can use. Such as vinegar and other acidic chemicals.
  • Adhesive parts up to 1/8 in. thick can be left. Then, using the flat side of a 12-inch trowel, spread a 1/8-inch layer of latex thin-set mortar to the floor.

Repair your floor

After all the process is done, the last step is to smoothen the surface and put the new tiles on.  Moreover, the final step is to spread the thin mortar on the concrete to level up the surface and cover the mortar with new slabs.


Removing the tiles from the concrete floor is not an easy task if have no knowledge about it. However, if you take assistance from professional tilers in Perth, you will be able to do it small floor renovation by yourself. Moreover, you will be able to do a small floor renovation by yourself with the help of this article.

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