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Prerna Malhan Age, Height, Networth and Family!!


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Prerna Malhan’s professional journey into the realm of social media sites reflects a profound connection between her passion and dedication to storytelling. Plus, she is a travel blogger capturing millions of hearts. Because of her successful transformation and inspiring work, more people are searching for Prerna Malhan’s net worth and family background. If you are one of them you are at the right place to gather related information about Prerna Malhan. She married Harsh Gupta whom she started dating in her school days. They became a couple after a long dating relationship. Prerna revealed this secret in one of her YouTube videos that she met Harsh in 9th standard and started dating him two years later. She also had an appearance in a Hindi song with her husband “Tera Ishq” sung by Gujendra Verma. Moreover, her husband also assists her in managing her travel blogs. 

Quick Overview of Prerna Malhan Height, Weight and Networth!!

Prerna Malhan Height

Full Name Prerna Malhan
Date of birth 7th April, 1990
Prerna Malhan Age 33 till 2024
Birth Place New Delhi
Nationality Indian
Zodiac Sign Aries
Her father’s name Vinay Malhan ( A Businessman)
Her mother’s name Dimple Malhan (A YouTuber)
Her sibling 2 Brothers (Both are YouTubers)

Nischay Malhan (Trigerred Insaan)

Abhishek Malhan (Fukra Insaan)

Prerna Malhan profession Famous YouTuber and Blogger
Prerna Malhan marital status  Married in 2015
Prerna Malhan Husband name Harsh Gupta
Prerna Malhan Children Son (Born on April 2023)
Prerna Malhan height 5’ 5’’ (165 cm) (1.65 m)
Prerna Malhan weight Around 58.5 kg or 125-135 lbs (121 pounds)
Prerna Malhan’s eye color Black
Prerna Malhan’s hair color Brown
Prerna Malhan’s school DAV Public School, Pushpanjali Enclave, New Delhi
Prerna Malhan’s college Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi
Prerna Malhan’s education Graduation in Journalism and Mass communication
Favorite visiting place  Antarctica

Prerna Malhan Favorites!!

Prerna is a music lover and loves to listen to the songs of Arjit Singh. Her favorite song is “Tera Intzaar”. Prerna is a bit foody and Sambar Dosa is her much-loved dish and in fruits, she likes to eat dragon fruit. She is a pet lover and has owned a dog. She is popular for writing her travel blog “Wanderers Hub”. She was a corporate executive and left her job to pursue her career as a full-time travel blogger. Her transformation from the corporate sector has been nothing short of inspiring and capturing millions of hearts all through the world. 

The allure of Wanderers Hub lies not just in visiting the stunning destinations but also in her ability to weave engaged narratives about her traveling experience. Each video is a chapter in her enchanting travel diary to explain to viewers of her travelling experience. With all such blogs of engaging content, Prerna has over 4.4 million subscribers and she has emerged as a beacon for travel enthusiasts. For all her viewers Prerna’s traveling videos are more than a visual feast. This all contributes to Prerna Malhan’s net worth.  Her seamless blend of corporate background and love for exploration made her the heartbeat of the plethora of online viewers. Because she doesn’t merely showcase her much-loved destinations but also curates experiences and transforms such practices on her channel. 

Prerna Malhan Monthly Income: Around 5 lakh

Prerna Malhan Networth; Approximately 10 to 15 crores

Prerna Malhan Career!!

Prerna started her career in February 2014 as a content writer at a Delhi-located company “Weblink India Pvt limited.”  After 10 months job she left the job in November 2014. After that, she joined JMC Cyber Flavors ITES Solutions Pvt. Ltd as a senior content developer. She worked there for four years. Apart from that more of her jobs added to Prerna Malhan’s net worth when she joined the job as an editor for more than 3 years in a wedding blog site named Indian Wedding Site. 

In 2016, Prerna started her YouTube channel “Wanderers Hub” where she posts her challenging traveling videos, prank videos, comparison videos and videos on many other subjects. Because of Prerna Malhan’s height and perfect body shape, she has gardened a huge fan base on her YouTube channel. Her popular videos on her YouTube channel are:

  • Food in TV Ads vs Reality
  • Bhutan Travel Guide
  • Breaking iPhone Prank 
  • Dream birthday gift

Concluding words of Prerna Malhan weight, height and net worth!!

To conclude, Prerna Malhan is a popular YouTube and travel blogger with a vast fan base. Prerna Malhan’s net worth is around 10 to 15 crores. With her content writing and video posting of travel experience, she is earning around 5 lakhs a month. With all of her efforts, Prerna has earned a gold creator and silver creator award for her YouTube channels Wanderers Hub and Wanderers Live respectively. Prerna Malhan’s height is a positive point of her looks and she is making her place in millions of hearts.

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