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Rob Kardashian Spews Racist, Homophobic Slurs, Threatens Pilot Jones’ Life In Shocking Text Messages


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All the Kardashians ask of Rob is that he stay out of trouble and not do anything that might destroy the family’s billion dollar business empire.

And we probably don’t need to tell you that he often fails to meet these very low expectations.

Rob has humiliated himself and his family far too many times to count.

But this latest scandal might be the most appalling of Rob’s career, and as far as his mother and sisters are concerned, the timing couldn’t be much worse.

Back when Rob was still dating Blac Chyna, she became involved with a man named Pilot Jones.

Though Blac and Pilot claimed to be nothing more than friends, photos of the two of them kissing were published by Radar Online back in 2016.

Jones is now suing the former couple for releasing his private information online.

The case is pending, and a trial date has not yet been set.

In the meantime, threatening texts that Rob sent to Pilot might be used in a suit filed by Chyna against Rob.

Rob’s lawyers are currently fighting to have the messages suppressed, and when you see the content of the texts, it’s certainly not hard to see why.

“U [sic] about to get the shit beat out of you and we ain’t playing, No man has ever disrespected my woman the way that u [sic] did,” Rob wrote at one point, according to Radar.

“And u U [sic] stressed my wife and my baby literally my baby is jumping. That’s why u U [sic] deserve a beating. And u shouldn’t be scared of no fist. U [sic] used to it,” he continued.

“Don’t ever come for me and my wife ever u [sic] corny ass ni—a.”

Yes, Rob hurled numerous racial and homophobic slurs amid threats of physical violence.

“And u fa–ot ass bi-ch. U [sic] did the most disrespectful shit ever by releasing pics and a story to a pregnant woman who is 17 days from having a baby,” Rob continued.

“This is my wife and you about to get you’re a-s beat by every Mexican in LA including me. I promise u [sic] that. U [sic] fuc—ed with the wrong woman and the wrong dude. This ain’t a game to us.”

From there, Rob threatened to have Pilot beaten to death by “30 Mexicans.”

“Ill find out where u [sic] are. You crossed the line and it’s over. It’s a wrap for u [sic],” he said.

“I hope you religious cuz [sic] after I beat you’re a-s with about 30 Mexicans u [sic] better hope God lets u [sic] into heaven,” Rob continued.

“Like I said us Mexicans don’t play and u [sic] got my wife hot.”

It’s unclear why Rob pretended to be Mexican himself, but according to Chyna’s lawyers, there’s no doubt that he was the one who sent the messages.

Now, the attorneys are citing them as evidence of Rob’s violent temper.

News of Rob’s latest scandal comes just as the Kardashians prepare to launch their new Hulu series.

While it’s unclear if Rob will appear on the show, the latest revelations about his violent, racist tendencies are certain to cast a dark cloud over the remainder of the family’s promotional tour.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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