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Robyn Brown to Other Sister Wives: Try Harder! Fix Your Darn Marriage!


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Robyn Brown just doesn’t understand.

Sure, perhaps her husband can be a little difficult.

Maye he likes to have absolutely everything on his terms and is very selfish and misogynistic insensitive and awful.

But why can’t her fellow Sister Wives make it work with Kody Brown?!?

This was the basic tone Robyn took last Sunday on part two of the show’s one-on-one reunion special, and also the basic question she asked when speaking with host Sukanya Krishnan.

“It makes me angry,” Robyn said through tears of all the issues Meri, Janelle and Christine have had of late with Kody.

“I just don’t know why they’re not figuring this stuff out and talking and finding their compromise and finding the things that they love about each other.

“I can’t fix it for them. I can try. I can try to persuade, I can try to influence, I can beg.”

Throughout Sister Wives Season 16, viewers sat back and watched Kody’s relationship with all non-Robyn spouses basically fall apart.

These episodes (which were filmed in late 2020) focused largely on the father of 18 enacting very strict rules and regulations in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

If the women didn’t follow them… they didn’t get to really see Kody.

In the end, only Robyn had no problem with the policies — which is why she hung out with Kody ALL THE TIME.

On last weekend’s special, Sukanya mentioned how Robyn is the only wife who is has a “fully-functioning relationship” with Kody.

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This point can’t really be denied by anyone involved.

Heck, Kody and Christine don’t even have a relationship any longer, with the latter having announced her split from the family patriarch in November.

“I love Christine and I have always wanted her and Kody’s relationship to be strong. Always,” Robyn said on Sunday when the topic turned to this fractured spiritual marriage, adding:

“I understand that she’s feeling like she doesn’t have other choices, but I wish that she had decided to keep trying.”

What an obnoxious comment, right?

We just saw how Kody took away Christine’s sex privileges because he thought she betrayed him.

God forbid Christine stand up for herself, take stock of her self-worth and choose to walk away, right?!?

“Christine says they’re divorced and technically, in my head, they’re not, because their marriage was done by our church officials,” Robyn added to Krishnan.

“They haven’t granted them a divorce.”


This is because Kody refuses to do so.

Not that it matters to Christine.

She knows that God is cool with her decision-making here.

Placed in the spotlight on the special, Robyn broke down numerous times.

Many of the kids, for example, think Robyn created the strict COVID-19 safety guidelines that Kody enforced on Season 16, even though both denied this theory repeatedly.

“Anytime a wife is in a plural family is controlling a husband enough to affect other relationships, I think, she’s a bad person,” said Robyn.

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“I’m tired of it because it’s been happening for years. I would help any one of those kids have a conversation with their dad, try to make it safe for them.”

Asked whether things within the family “are safe” for her, Robyn started to cry again.

“I can’t say that it’s been like that all the time, but there’s been a lot of unsafe spaces,” she replied.

“I just want people to see me as who I am.

“I want them to see that I love this family, that I’m committed to them, that I’d do anything for them, that I love them and that I want the relationship.”


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