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Usman Umar Drags Angela Deem: She’s a Scammer Who’s USING Michael!


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90 Day Fiance viewers are painfully familiar with Angela Deem’s inexcusable behavior.

But when Usman Umar watches her emotionally and verbally abuse her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, he sees more than just a rabid grandma.

Usman says that Angela is a scammer who is using Michael for fame and money.

He makes a pretty compelling argument, actually. But is it true?

Usman Umar has expressed sympathy for and solidarity with his fellow Nigerian, Michael Ilesanmi, in the past.

This, and parallels drawn between Usman’s romances with older white American women and Michael’s marriage to Angela, may be why Angela so detests him.

Part of Angela’s personal bouquet of personality pathologies makes her resentful of those who are nice to or supportive of her husband.

After Angela mocked Michael and Usman as “birds of a feather” after a recent photo op, Usman called her a “scammer.”

In a recent string of Instagram Stories, he elaborated upon that accusation.

Usman accused Angela of using Michael “to shoot and go back to [the United] States.”

Usman Umar IG vs Angela Deem 1&2 of 6

“She has been on all social media but denied him to be on,” Usman noted.

He accused: “she used his money for nonsense surgery and even used both his and her money to buy [a] house.”

Usman, who has made money on Cameo himself and knows how it works, is accusing Angela of hogging the cash made from the couple’s fame.

Angela Deem flashes the camera and screams

Usman accused Angela of being “wicked” and “heartless” and of wanting to leave Michael.

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(Their relationship status remains unclear, with mixed signals having been sent over social media)

“Either you take him to US or you are a scammer,” Usman demanded.

Usman Umar IG vs Angela Deem 3&4 of 6

Usman then shaded: “I remember you been to prison and had lots of bad records so you might not be eligible to file for someone.”

Clearly this is a topic that is close to home for the rapper, as he previously accused ex-wife Lisa Hamme of making off with his Cameo money in a similar fashion.

Usman went on to brag about his music career, including the YouTube views on his “I Love You” song. 1.6 million is a lot of viewers.

Usman Umar says that he's no scammer

As part of the aftermath of European colonialism, Nigeria is a country with three distinct ethnic groups who were once their own nations: Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa.

Usman offered Angela a bit of an education on how he views the differences among his countrymen.

“If you tried Yoruba Man you go free ask about Hausa Men in Nigeria we don’t scam, we don’t…cheat, but we don’t tolerate,” Usman told her. 

Usman Umar IG vs Angela Deem 5&6 of 6

“That is why you been misbehaving for over 7 years and he is still take it,” Usman suggested.

He then warned the ill-mannered grandmother to “be careful” and advised her to not “try that nonsense” with him.

“If you didn’t only my words will take you to hospital @angedevil,” Usman cautioned.

Angela Deem flips off Michael Ilesanmi at the Tell All Part 2

Angela’s accusations that Usman is a scammer clearly come from a personal place.

Psychologically, it seems that in order to defend her odd relationship, she feels the need to “prove” that others are scammers.

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The more loudly that she insists that Usman is a con man, the more (in her mind) it sounds like she wouldn’t fall for a similar scam.

Kimberly Menzies surprises Usman Umar with a PS5, Macbook Pro

Usman has certainly benefitted from dating older American woman.

He’s on multiple seasons of a reality series that has millions of viewers, resulting in increased visibility for his rap career.

Between featuring his music on the show and the gifts that Kimberly Menzies has given him, he is clearly reaping tangible benefits.

Kimberly Menzies and Usman Umar wake up together

That’s not the same thing as Usman definitely being a scammer, however.

Meanwhile, his accusation that Angela is the real scammer also makes a lot of sense.

She is making money, has undergone multiple surgeries to transform her body, and enjoys celebrity status. What does Michael get, other than abuse?

Angela Deem - this son of a bitch got nerve

Yes, Angela is fame-hungry and has gotten a lot of what she wants.

But in order to scam someone, you don’t just need to benefit.

You need to be cognizant of what you’re doing and what you hope to get.

Angela Deem smokes outside of the Tell All with Skyla nearby

Does Angela have the mental capacity to be in a fake relationship for years and keep up the act as part of a long-term scheme?

Angela often comes across like some sort of feral creature — not thinking, just doing whatever she wants, whether it’s scream or smoke.

Is this the mindset of some sort of reality TV mastermind with a fake marriage? It’s hard to say that she has the self discipline for it.

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