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Safety Tips For School Bus Drivers


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The roads are a dangerous place to be, whether you drive a car, truck, or a bus. While passenger vehicle accidents can be dangerous, the ones involving big and heavy vehicles like a bus can be even more catastrophic. Whether it is a city transit, a school bus, or a tour bus, bus drivers must follow specific safety rules. 

Bus drivers must be carefully trained according to their job role. Since they must handle a much bigger vehicle, they must have the right experience and qualifications. If you or your loved one were injured in a bus accident, speak to an attorney today. Find out your legal options and start gathering information about your case. 

Safety tips for school bus drivers

  • Perform pre-trip inspection. 

Before you start driving the bus, make sure you conduct a proper inspection. An inspection includes checking whether the bus’s parts, such as the engine, the tires, the braking system, etc., work properly and are in good condition. This step is essential to ensure you do not get into an accident due to a lack of responsibility.  

  • Aim high and keep your eyes moving. 

Aiming high does not mean looking at the sky while operating the bus. Instead, it means keeping your eyes on the road to see what is ahead. Maintaining this habit allows the driver plenty of time to look for any potential problem, avoid obstacles, and slow down the vehicle at traffic lights. 

  • Understand liability. 

Being a bus driver, you must understand the kind of responsibility that lies with you. When you do not operate the bus safely, you endanger many people’s lives. Many drivers understand the hazards of distraction, traffic, and the potential for accidents. There is a high risk of life to the lives of others as it is a big vehicle, and accidents or incidents often turn into lawsuits. Bus accident lawsuits can be lengthy and not something one wants to deal with.

  • Follow the traffic rules. 
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One of the most important parts of being a bus driver is understanding the significance of traffic rules and signs. You should follow every traffic regulation there is, such as driving within the posted speed limit, not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving with full focus on the road, etc. Most accidents happen because the bus driver is too negligent with the rules.

  • Do not skimp on maintenance. 

Maintenance is equally as important for finding any issues with the bus as inspection. There should be a routine schedule for maintenance to repair the issues immediately. Bus drivers should keep appropriate logs and records to ensure maintenance and compliance with safety rules.

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