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Scott Disick: FINE, I Can’t Stop Kourtney from Having Travis Barker’s Baby!


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For months, reports have said that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are trying for a baby. Kourt herself confirmed the desire.

They are engaged, they are both already parents, and they’re clearly crazy about each other.

To say that Scott Disick hasn’t taken this romance well is an understatement, but over time, even the most childish men can accept reality.

And he has apparently opened up to the idea of his kids getting a new sibling.

An inside source spoke to Life & Style about where Scott Disick stands on Kourtney Kardashian and her widely reported pursuit of pregnancy.

According to the insider, the infamous manchild “doesn’t seem to be bothered” about the baby plans.

Scott “may not be happy about it,” the source admitted.

“But,” the insider continued, “he’s finally resigned to the fact that there’s no desnying Kourtney’s happiness.”

Obviously, this was something with which Scott very transparently struggled during 2021.

At the time, it wasn’t even a pregnancy attempt — the mere thought of Kourtney and Travis together made him distracted and foolish.

Younes DM 1

How do we know this?

Well, Scott got downright messy, messaging Younes Bendjima — Kourtney’s other ex — to gripe about Kourt’s PDA with Travis.

Younes shot him down, saying that he was happy for Kourtney. He also posted the screenshots publicly.

Younes DM 2

One man is nearly 40 while the other was characterized as Kourtney’s “boy toy” for a while, but you wouldn’t know which was which by their maturity levels.

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In the aftermath of his bitter resentment being exposed for the world to see, Amelia Hamlin ditched Scott.

Bereft of his latest 19-year-old (in her case, recently turned 20) model girlfriend, Scott had truly played himself.

Perhaps that well-deserved humiliation was a wakeup call for Scott.

Sometimes, being roasted by millions of people and missing out on a once-good relationship is what it takes for someone as out-of-touch as Scott to come to his senses.

He lost his chance to be with Kourtney. Moving forward, he could choose happiness or misery for himself.

Choosing happiness means accepting that Kourtney is his ex.

Feeling a lingering attachment to her is normal. Thinking that she’s hot is simply a byproduct of having common sense and working eyes.

But feeling entitled to her, deluding himself by believing that the two of them are endgame? That’s a recipe for misery.

The Kardashians will premiere on April 14, marking their return to our screens and their streaming debut.

The family’s new Hulu series has netted them major money, but in exchange, they’re having to touch upon some previously off-limits topics.

Khloe will talk about Tristan’s cheating (again). And Kourtney … Kourtney admitted in the trailer that she and Travis want a baby.

That admission confirmed many months of reports that she and Travis are in the market to blend their DNA as well as their families.

Reports about their kids bonding have mostly focused upon Travis’ teenage daughter, Alabama, who clearly gets along very well with Kourtney.

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But giving all of the kids — the Barkers and the Disicks — a shared half-sibling would be very special. If they go through with their plan.


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