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Seek Out the Function Evaluation in WPS Office


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WPS Office is primarily known for its document editing capabilities. WPS Office also offers tools for function evaluation, which can be particularly useful in the spreadsheet application, WPS Spreadsheets. You can free PDF convert to the other types, is the major function of the WPS Office. You can learn this function from the following link 

Part 1: Function Evaluation in WPS Office

This article will explore function evaluation in WPS Office, provide usage tutorials, delve into formula usage, and compare it with competing products.

Usage Tutorials: How to Perform Function Evaluation in WPS Office?

Function evaluation in WPS Spreadsheets is essential for performing mathematical calculations, data analysis, and creating dynamic spreadsheets. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to perform function evaluation in WPS Office:

  • Open a Spreadsheet:

Launch WPS Spreadsheets and open the spreadsheet where you want to perform function evaluation.

  • Select a Cell:

Click on the cell where you need to put the result of the function.

  • Enter the Formula:

Start by putting (=) in the selected cell while entering a formula. Then, type the function. For example, to add two numbers, you can enter “=A1+B1,” assuming A1 and B1 contain the values you want to add.

  • Press Enter:

After this step, press the Enter key. WPS Spreadsheets will calculate the result and display it in the selected cell.

  • Copying Formulas:
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You can write the formula for different cells by choosing the cell with the equation, copying it (Ctrl+C), and pasting it (Ctrl+V) into other cells. WPS Spreadsheets will adjust the cell references accordingly.

  • Function Wizard:

For complex functions, you can use the Function Wizard, which provides a graphical interface for selecting and configuring functions. To access it, click on the “Formula” tab and then select “Function Wizard.”

Part 2: Formula Usage: Function Evaluation in Practice 

WPS Office upholds an extensive variety of mathematical, statistical, and logical capabilities. Some common formula categories in WPS Spreadsheets include:

  • Math and Trigonometry Functions:

These functions include basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), as well as trigonometric functions like SIN, COS, and TAN.

  • Statistical Functions:

Users can find their statistical measures such as mean, median, and standard deviation using functions like AVERAGE, MEDIAN, and STDEV.

  • Financial Functions:

WPS Office provides financial functions for loan amortization, future value calculations, and interest rate conversions, making it suitable for financial professionals.

  • Logical Functions:

Logical functions like IF, AND, OR, and NOT enable users to create conditional statements and perform analytical tests.

  • Text Functions:

Functions like CONCATENATE, LEFT, RIGHT, and MID help manipulate and format text data within spreadsheets.


“To be honest, When it comes to choosing a free alternative to use the suite of Microsoft Office I’ve found that WPS is the best choice to go to. It’s packed with so many tools I’d recommend to anyone who is not a professional but just wants to use it to edit homework or any other small project.” 

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Reference: TrustPilot


In summary, WPS Office is used for free pdf convert and free Word conversion. WPS Office also provides a comprehensive set of tools for function evaluation within its spreadsheet application. Whether you’re a student, engineer, scientist, or data analyst, understanding function evaluation and selecting the appropriate tools can significantly enhance your problem-solving capabilities.

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