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Shanna Moakler Blasts Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Over Halloween Pics: You Two Are Effed Up!


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Since Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are newly engaged, it makes sense that the couple is flaunting their love and happiness all over social media.

After all, neither of these people is in a position where they have to settle, so they probably wouldn’t be getting hitched unless they were really, really into each other.

That’s wonderful, and we’re happy for them, and all.

But it’s not hard to see why Kourtney and Travis’ exes might not be too thrilled with the situation.

As we’ve previously reported, insiders say Scott Disick hates Travis and has been miserable ever since he realized how serious this relationship is.

Of course, the ill will probably has less to do with Travis himself, and more to do with the fact that a Scott-Kourtney reconciliation is now less likely than ever.

(Apparently this is something Scott was hoping for. We never would’ve guessed with all the teenagers he’s been dating!)

But Scott’s not the only one who has an issue with this relationship.

Travis’ second wife, Shanna Moakler, has also been quite vocal in her displeasure, and she might have legitimate reasons for disliking her ex’s new love.

For starters, Shanna says that her marriage ended when she caught Travis having an affair with Kim Kardashian.

Shanna, Kravis

(Both parties have denied the allegation, but Kim swears she has witnesses.)

On top of that, Shanna says that Kourtney and Travis are plundering her memories of her marriage to Scott in a hurtful way.

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Specifically, she says that the Kravis couple is being insensitive by constantly referencing the 1993 film True Romance.

The Christian Slater-Patricia Arquette cult favorite (with screenplay by a young up-and-comer named Quentin Tarantino!) was a favorite of Travis and Shanna’s during their time together.

The couple even named their daughter Alabama after the film’s female lead.

Now, Kourtney and Travis have sort of claimed the movie for themselves, even going so far as to dress as the main characters for Halloween.

Shanna had previously complained about the Kravis’ constant referencing of the film, so the couple likely knew how she would react to their costumes.

Some of Moakler’s fans complained about the insensitive move on Shanna’s instagram page.

“She has sloppy seconds. Why would [Kourtney] even consider this True Romance s—t knowing it was a ‘thing’ for you and him?” one follower wrote.

“Hilarious and pathetic at the same time.”

Never one to pass up an opportunity to throw shade at her baby daddy, Shanna promptly replied.

“It’s like an episode of Punk’d,” she wrote.

Kind of strange for Shanna to make such an early-’00s reference, since she seems to hate when trolls refer to her as a relic of the early-’00s, but whatever.

Speaking of haters, Shanna received comments from quite a few of them after Travis and Kourtney posted their Halloween pics, but she handled them without a problem.

“HE named their daughter,” one commenter wrote, defending the costumes by pointing out that True Romance is Travis’ favorite film.

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“I’m pretty sure WE named my daughter,” Moakler pointed out.

We’re not sure why anyone feels the need to defend Kourtney and Travis here, but if you really have to dunk on Shanna, at least to try to make your trash talk make sense.

Trying to convince her that she had no role in the naming of her daughter is some genuine psycho sh-t.


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