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Shanna Moakler Responds to Travis & Kourtney’s Engagement: My Kids Will NEVER Be Kardashians!


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By now, you’ve probably heard that Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are engaged.

For obvious reasons, fans of the couple are overjoyed by this news, but there are some folks out there who are less than enthused.

Insiders say that Kourtney’s baby daddy Scott Disick is suffering a breakdown as a result of his ex’s engagement.

And he’s not the only one who hasn’t taken the news well.

From the start of his relationship with Kourtney, Travis’ second wife, Shanna Moakler, has made it clear that she is not happy about this pairing.

The gripes started early with complaints about Kourtney and Travis’ non-stop PDA.

(We’re happy for them and all, but it is a little weird that these two feel the need to post so many pics of them making out.)

From there, Moakler upped the ante a bit, claiming that her marriage ended when she caught Travis cheating on her with Kim Kardashian.

(Both parties deny that they ever hooked up, but Shanna has fellow early-aughts celeb friends like Aubrey O’Day who say they saw it with their own eyes.)

Thus far, Shanna has reacted to the engagement news only with passive-aggressive memes about how much she doesn’t care what her ex is up to.

She posted one such meme to her Instagram Stories this week — a photo of Clark Gable from the film Gone With the Wind.

Alongside the pic, Shanna wrote Gable’s famous catchphrase:

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

It’s sort of ingenious for Shanna to stick with that type of content, as it enables her to make her feelings known while maintaining plausible deniability.

As usual, most of the comments on the post were supportive, but a few haters came out of the woodwork to taunt Shanna about her baby daddy’s new boo.

“How does it feel [that] your children will be in Hollywood Royalty now. Kardashians run LA,” wrote one such troll, according to Us Weekly.

Shanna quickly made it clear that she wasn’t a fan of the remark.

“I’m their mother, they were royalty long before…” she replied.

Later that same day, she added a separate comment, reading:

“I love that people are now telling me how I feel! lol I can’t with this world.”

Many fans came to her defense, and Shanna “liked” a comment about how she’s no stranger to reality TV stardom herself:

“You act like @shannamoakler @travisbarker didn’t have a Reality show about their family long before the Kardashians?” the comment read.

“If you are so into ‘Pop news’ it’s pretty disgraceful that you don’t know these facts! #meetthebarkers.”

Now it’s true that Shanna and Travis had an MTV series long before the Kardashians became household names.

But it’s important to remember that the show went off the air way back in 2006.

Shanna is not nearly on Kourtney’s level in terms of fame or influence — and that’s okay!

We hope that she doesn’t feel the need to compete with Kourt on that level because it’s a losing battle.

Almost no one is as famous as the Kardashians.

These feuds are amusing from a distance, but we hope everyone involved with this situation will eventually be able to find some common ground.

After all, there are quite a few kids involved here, and we’re sure they could all use stable adult influences in their lives.

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