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Silver Bars, 5 Oz | Various Designs for Collectors and Investors


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We have a variety of minted and cast bullion available, including 5-oz silver bars from PAMP, Scottsdale, and Italpreziosi, which is an unusual size for other metals. Additional items for sale include the unique Scottsdale ‘Stacker,’ a bullion ingot shaped like a coin bearing the Scottsdale lion emblem. Compared to coins, these bars have smaller premiums, so they’re a smart investment. All of our 5-ounce silver bars are brand new and made from pure 999 silver. They come straight from the maker. 

It is with immense pleasure that First Majestic Silver Corp. announces its position as the sole mining company authorized to sell its own silver bullion online, in a secure setting, at any hour of the day or night. Our silver rounds, ingots, bars, and medallion sets are crafted from 0.999-fine silver and are available at one of the most affordable costs per ounce online. Have your order shipped anywhere in the world and keep tabs on its progress.

Consider 5-ounce bars if you’re looking for a reasonably sized silver bar to invest in. Typically found in metric proportions, these 5-troy-ounce goods from PAMP and Scottsdale provide investors with a more regularly sized alternative. These bars are fantastic investments due to their affordable cost. Due to its compact design, Scottsdale’s 5 oz round silver stacker is a favorite among shoppers.

Whether you’re an investor or just looking for a thoughtful present for someone who loves silver, our 5-ounce silver bars are purity-marked and are perfect for either. Bars made by refineries that LBMA and ASTM have approved will be easy to sell in the future.

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Characteristics of 5oz silver bars

Exceptionally Pure:

If you are looking for a pure silver product, add a 5-ounce silver bar to your collection. These are made with .999 fine silver.

Weight and size:

Five-ounce silver bars are an excellent compromise between the two dimensions. They are neither too large to be cumbersome to store or transport nor are they too little to be prohibitively expensive. Due to these qualities, they are an excellent option for novice investors or those seeking long-term stock growth.


To be sure your investment in 5 oz silver bars stays safe, look for features like assay cards or tamper-evident packaging. Having these features in place can aid in protecting buyers against scams.

A Variety of Styles: 

The designs of 5-ounce silver bars can range from basic and traditional to more intricate, with emblems or patterns of the mint or refinery that produced them. This could make them more appealing to collectors. Silver bars weighing 5 ounces provide investors and collectors a lot of leeway. With them, you can have a good balance of affordability, safety, and authenticity. Canadian 10 oz silver bar also has of same features, so you can consider it for buying.


Last but not least, 5 oz silver bars are a great option for investors and collectors both. They are a reasonable compromise between size, portability, and price. The fact that they are crafted from .999 pure silver guarantees their purity as an investment. Some bars even have security features that add an extra degree of protection. Because of their appearance, they are very highly in demand among collectors and can never be considered outdated. If you want to add some more silver bars to your collection, 5 oz silver bars can be a better choice for you.

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