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Steven Johnston DISGUSTS 90 Day Fiance Fans with Creepy Comments Towards Evelin Villegas


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Despite only two new couples on the latest season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, the show did have some real highlights.

One was the debut of breakout 90 Day Fiance villain Steven Johnston, whose horniness could make Colt Johnson blush.

There has been a lot of focus on how his selfish behavior has hurt his wife, Alina.

But fans were shocked when Steven’s unsettling comment towards castmate Evelin Villegas made their skin crawl.

Steven Johnston is prepared for everyone to roast him

Steven Johnston arrived at the Season 3 Tell All fully expecting to be roasted and, frankly, hated.

His expectations were met. Possibly even exceeded.

What did not help his case was the weird things that he said, insulting castmates like Corey and Ariela … and negging Evelin.

Corey Rathgeber is on thin ice with Evelin Villegas

Evelin wore a dazzling purple (lilac, specifically) top while tuning in to the Tell All from Ecuador.

There are many wonderful compliments that can be paid to a person’s appearance without causing offense.

Steven veered sharply into being not only offensive, but unnervingly creepy.

Steven Johnston negs Evelin about

“Evelin, I think this is the most modest I’ve ever seen you dressed,” Steven blurted out.

“Oh my God,” Ellie Rose exclaimed, stunned by his behavior.

“Oh my God,” Evelin echoed, perhaps too stunned to even know how to respond except to try to laugh it off.

Tell All reactions to Steven negging Evelin

Armando’s mouth opened in shock. A “wow, Steven” echoed through the room.

Steven replied with “no, it’s just a fact.”

Meanwhile, Shaun Robin’s look really said it all.

Shaun Robinson reacts appropriately to Steven's nonsense

Perhaps, in Steven’s mind, this was a normal thing for one human being to say to another.

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If so, he’s wrong.

And viewers are just weirded out.

Steven Johnston - do you want me to tell them

Obviously, this was a line uttered very early during the same Tell All where Steven made some startling admissions.

He had been trading pics — theirs nude, his tongue-wagglingly suggestive — with nine other women just one week before they filmed.

Additionally, he confessed that he wanted to have a threesome “for some reason.”

Steven Johnston shows off his long tongue, explains sending pics

Now, there’s nothing wrong with threesomes or with wanting to have one, just as there’s nothing wrong with sex.

What is wrong is betraying, lying to, and hurting your girlfriend, fiancee, and now wife.

Steven’s antics hurt Alina’s feelings in ways that he does not seem to fully appreciate.

Alina cries on camera during the Tell All

But Steven’s cheating and hypocrisy tends to involve his wife, not his castmates.

It’s when he made that super weird comment at Evelin that people realized that, basically, no one is safe.

What was Steven thinking when he paid Evelin that non-compliment?

Evelin Villegas - my god he's just going way too much today

In normal society, “modesty” is brought up in terms of understating one’s achievements, for better or for worse.

Within toxic purity culture, the term almost exclusively refers to how women dress and present themselves.

Clearly, Steven has noticed that Evelin often (gasp) wears beach-appropriate clothing while living at the beach.

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas recap the past for Season 3

People living by the standards of toxic purity culture think that a woman’s value is inherently tied to her body and how much of it is covered.

A woman’s body is then reduced to an object of sexual desire, perceived by men.

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Obviously, this is a vile way of viewing the world, and inflicts lifelong damage upon the mental health of those raised with this kind of twisted thinking.

While this would be just as bad if it were equal opportunity shaming, most purity culture teachings do not devalue men in the same way.

That is why Steven can go totally shirtless on social media and on television and not think anything of it.

Meanwhile, he either thinks that Evelin should wear more clothing, or at the very least thinks that it’s a “compliment” to say that she’s covering up.

Steven Johnston - it's really hot in here

In a normal environment, someone calling a woman’s dress “modest” like that makes them sound like a cultist or at least a little freak.

Saying this can do more than cause offense.

(I personally know of an incident where one of those preachers who go to college campuses praised a woman for wearing a “modest” skirt, so she removed it and kept walking)

Steven Johnston gets sassy with Ariela

To be clear, Steven did not specifically tell Evelin how she should or should not dress.

But using the word “modest” implies an insult, opinions about how she should garb her own body, and is frankly a red flag.

If a friend came back from a first date and said that her date had complimented her “modest” outfit, I’d strongly advise her to block his number.

Steven Johnston feels bad that he made Alina feel bad

Steven may struggle with his religion’s strict rules (well, the ones about sex and marriage), but he is a devout Mormon and was raised in that belief system.

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It may be that, growing up, this was a normal thing for people to say in his community, and could even have been heard as a compliment.

But it’s not a compliment. And, even if it were, Steven’s specific comment would still be negging. Don’t be a creep, dude.


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