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Succession Season 4: Where Does the Show Go From Here?!?


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So… THAT happened on the Succession Season 3 finale.

And then THAT happened.

And then, to cap it all off, THAT happened.

On Sunday night, the most riveting and best-acted series on television delivered a truly riveting season finale, highlighted by one incredible performance after another — and then concluded by one shocking betrayal.


After siblings Shiv, Roman and Kendall Roy at last put their personal beefs to the side in order to focus on their father’s proposed sale of the family business, the brothers and sisters went to confront their father.

They were prepared to stop the sale.

They were prepared to invoke the power they were given by their mother years ago as part of her divorce proceedings from Logan.

They were, finally, prepared to team up and take the old man down.


Until Tom stepped in.

Shiv’s often-ignored and rarely-respected husband alerted his father-in-law to this plan… prompting Logan to work out a quick legal arrangement with his ex-wife that took away their children’s power.

The episode wrapped up with Shiv and Roman in tears, snubbed and utterly destroyed by their own dad, as Tom swooped in to comfort his wife.

After receiving a nod and a gracious tap on the shoulder from Logan on his way into the hotel suite.


What the heck, Tom?!?

“We had a conversation early on before we started shooting, which outlined a possible scenario for the end.

“It’s a funny one, I listened to it, then forgot about it, because things might change, and whatever they want to do is great,” actor Matthew McFayden said in an interview with Deadline after the final ended.

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“I wasn’t hanging my hat on it, and I was just waiting for the script to come in.”

succession 4

Where could the show come from here?

What can fans expect from Succession Season 4, which is likely to premiere in October 2022?

Let’s go over some of the more pressing questions, shall we?

succession 5


It seems unlikely.

Yes, based on the final shot of the episode, Shiv is well aware of what her husband just pulled.

But this marriage is built on passive aggression and on never truly saying how you feel, along with manipulation and power plays up the wazoo.

In some weird way, Shiv may now have more respect for Tom than ever before; and she’ll also try to use his newfound role within the merged company to keep herself in the picture.

shiv and tom


Not yet, we assume.

However, giving in to Tom’s desire to procreate would certainly be one way in which she could regain leverage over her duplicitous husband.

succession stars


Heck no.

In the most moving scene of the show to date, he was unexpectantly rescued from the abyss by Roman and Shiv. Heck, the former made the guy smile for what felt like the first time all season.

Free (mostly) from the guilt of that whole manslaughter thing, we expect Kendall to be re-energized next season and to fight alongside his brother and sister.



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We doubt it.

But the end is sort of near.

“There’s going to be a very definite moment when that story is over,” creator Jesse Armstrong told The New Statesman in September 2021.

“And it can’t go on too long. I think there’ll be an end for me in this incarnation of the show in … a bit.”

logan 4

Added star Brian Cox to GQ UK in October:

“I would say possibly two more series [aka seasons] and then I think we’re done.

“But it just depends and may just be only one more series. It depends what the writers feel. “I know they’ve got an endgame.

“They haven’t told us what the ending is, but there is an endgame.

roy, l

He concluded at the time:

“So it’s just how they get up to that endgame, whether it takes one series or two series. I think it’s going to be hard to let go of it this early.

“I think it needs a couple more series before it really comes to a culmination.

“That’s my feeling. Because its iconic nature is just hitting, I think people are going to want two more series, but they may only get one.”


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