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The Bachelor Spoilers: (Almost) Every Rose Recipient… REVEALED!


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The Bachelor is off, running… crying, screaming, yelling and, in some cases, scheming.

On the latest installment of this franchise, Clayton Echard wondered whether or not he could take a rose back from a suitor after learning she had a side piece waiting for her back home.

Things got pretty darn ugly as a result.

Looking ahead, meanwhile?

Echard has already revealed that he falls in love with three women and sleeps with at least two.

As for which aspiring spouse will remain standing to close the Season 16 finale?

Not even Reality Steve knows for sure.

However, the long-time series guru has updated his blog to pass along the latest SPOILER-related intel, most of which centers on forthcoming dates and rose ceremonies.

Let’s take a detailed look at what Reality Steve has to say/predict, shall we?

And, remember, this guy is never wrong!

Rose Ceremony #3 will follow a solo date between Clayton and Sarah Hamrick after which the latter was presented with a rose.

There was a Baywatch theme to the group date where all women had to compete in beach-themed challenges.

Gabby won the challenges and earned extra time with Clayton in the process… along with the group date rose.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Elizabeth Corrigan, Kira Mengistu and Melina Nasab.

Rose Ceremony #4 will follow a trip to Houston and a one-on-one date for Echard with Rachel Recchia and, yes, she will get a rose.

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The group date will feature a tackle football game — in pads! — between the ladies at NRG Stadium. 7 on 6 and, afterwardd, Shanae will crash the winning team’s party and break their trophy.

WTF, right?!?

Serene Russell will earn both her own solo date and a flower… while Jill Chin, Sierra Jackson, and Lyndsey Windham will get the boot at the subsequent ceremony.

Rose Ceremony #5 will follow a trip up north to Toronto, where Gabby Windey gets a rose after going on a helicopter ride with The Bachelor.

The remaining nine women will then meet up with Canadian comedian Russell Peters at Archeo restaurant and roast one another, with Shanae earning the brunt of the criticism.

For a two-on-one outing, Genevieve Parisi and Shanae Ankney will go with Echard on a Niagra Falls cruise, which concludes with the latter getting eliminated.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Hunter Haag and Marlena Wesh.

Rose Ceremony #6 will take the women to Hvar, Croatia. It will also find Teddi Wright getting an invite to stick around after a solo date.

Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Eliza Isichei and Mara Agreat.

The international traveling will then continue with Rose Ceremony #7 taking place in Vienna, Austria.

The final episode before the hometown dates, Serene Russell will go to Hofsburg Palace with Clayton.

Susie Evans will get the “Pretty Woman” treatment, Steve reports, on her own solo date, while Genevieve Parisi will be sent home without even going out with Echard.

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Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Sarah Hamrick and Teddi Wright.

Finally, based on what we know at the moment, the Hometown Dates will feature Susie Evans in Virginia Beach, VA… Rachel Recchia in Orlando, FL… Serene Russell in Oklahoma City, OK… and Gabby Windey in Denver, CO.

Serene Russell won’t get a rose and your final three will be Susie Evans, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.


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