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The Kardashians Look Like Haunted Mannequins in Hulu Premiere Date Teaser


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In June of 2021, Keeping Up With The Kardashians came to an end.

The television world works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder — and the family is returning, this time on Hulu.

Right on the heels of Kylie Jenner welcoming her second child, Hulu released a new teaser for The Kardashians.

In addition to looking their creepiest ever, the titular Kardashians have also released their premiere date!

The Kardashians Title Card - February Promo

The Kardashians are serving a lot of looks and eerie energy in just a 30-second teaser.

It’s no surprise that it begins with a look at Khloe, surrounded by what appear to be CGI blue hydrangeas.

For years, Khloe has rendered herself unrecognizable with facetune and airbrushing. This time, it’s on purpose!

It’s always nice when something you were already doing as a hobby is suddenly relevant for work.

See, each of the Kardashians appears within a CGI glass enclosure with some sort of surreal, space-age growth alongside them.

They all look like mannequins forged in the uncanny valley, but it’s on purpose. It’s part of a bit.

The teaser is open to interpretation, as you can see here with Kim posing beside my favorite value of purple.

But the general idea is that they are each being preserved within enclosures, either as pieces of art or plants.

They’re not caged — this isn’t “Can’t Be Tamed” — it’s more like they’re specimens that have been collected.

Kylie, who gave birth to her second child on February 2, was clearly pregnant at the time that this teaser was created.

(Real talk? One day, both of her kids are going to be old enough to realize that she basically gave them back-to-back birthdays on purpose)

Kylie looks gorgeous as always. This pregnancy has been much quieter than the first, “secret” one ever managed to be.

Speaking of gorgeous, the two biggest knockouts in the family are next.

Kourtney is the OG hottie, and the world wonders how much of Travis Barker we’re going to be seeing on Hulu.

And Kendall remains the hottest of the bunch.

We’re sure that Kendall will also retain her crown as the most relatable member of her family.

She has debilitating anxiety and she’s the only one with no kids.

Few of us can relate to being a supermodel, but the rest of it? It’s like looking into a yassification mirror.

And then, of course, there’s Kris Jenner, the momager who literally started it all.

She is shown enthroned within her display, but the glass of the enclosures is shattering.

“Shatter all expectations. #TheKardashians premieres April 14 on @hulu,” the teaser promo announces.

The Kardashians premiere date (Hulu Card)

April 14 will be here before we know it.

That’s just two months after Valentine’s Day.

And, in case anyone reading this has forgotten, Valentine’s Day is coming very very soon.

It’s still not clear how much we can expect to have changed between their last show and their new one.

It’s not like there was a casting shakeup — they’re a family. The biggest change is likely how much the Kardashians and Jenners are paid.

But we are (despite ourselves) intrigued by what April 14 will bring.

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