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The State of MLOps in 2023


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As companies look to find ways to increase productivity and improve efficiency, it’s important to use the right tools Not all methods turn out to be useful. 

A few years ago, companies relied solely on machine learning, which provides significant benefits. Today, a large number of companies implement MLOps as the strong rope that ties machine learning and data together, enabling companies to rapidly deploy new models with the utmost precision. 

The integration of such operations is lengthy, since each stage involves the work of a team of professionals who must ensure the effectiveness of each process. However, as a result, organizations get a whole new range of opportunities to solve many problems. 

In simple terms, MLOps is a catalyst for the use of machine learning. Applications built on this technology help organizations solve a myriad of problems related to human error and  quality. Next year, we will hear more news about the development and use of this technology.  

What does 2023 have in store for companies integrating MLOps? 

Reliability and Data Quality 

Experts are well aware that a lot depends on the quality of the data. The data that will be used directly affects the result, and organizations depend on that result. The same goes for MLOps where the quality of the data can affect the results. Using reliable data, you can be sure that the training will be of high quality. 

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The high quality of the data helps to simplify ML pipelines. Over the past few years, numerous experts have verified that high-quality data helps to simplify ML pipelines. If the data is of high quality, specialists can easily and quickly track down problematic issues to fix promptly. This affects how quickly organizations can accelerate the growth of machine learning deployments. 

Data Variability 

Also called data drift, data used in modeling can change over time due to various circumstances. This can lead to problems where the model is no longer showing the same level of efficiency. 

The data may change, for example, due to a malfunction of the sensor that collects the data. If a failure occurs or a new version of the software has been installed, data drift can also occur. Many other factors, such as behavior, demographics, and changing trends in the marketplace can also cause data drift. As a result, the data on which the model was trained does not match the data it processes in production. Next year, one of the important trends will be the ability to quickly and accurately determine the reasons for the drift so that it’s possible to deploy a successful model. 

The Value of the Models Used 

Considering the prevalence of artificial intelligence and machine learning, business leaders should regularly evaluate the models they use in order to remain competitive. Accurate modeling affects the performance, security, and reputation of numerous organizations. Using MLOps, it will be much easier for an organization to keep track of issues and  improve models. 

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Attracting Qualified Specialists 

As the number of organizations integrating MLOps will only grow in the future, there will be an increasing demand for qualified professionals who understand this technology. For successful integration, companies need professionals such as data scientists, data engineers, DevOps, ML architects, programmers, and many others. 

Because the process of implementation and deployment is lengthy, specialists must ensure that every step is well thought out. To do this, they need relevant experience, as well as deep knowledge in this field. 

Increasing Investment 

We can expect that investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning will only increase in the next year. Likewise,investment in MLOps will increase accordingly. 

Some Problematic Points Will Remain 

Companies that decide to deploy and integrate MLOps know firsthand that this process has certain hurdles to be overcome—hurdles that won’t be entirely resolved in the next year. 

Technology integration depends on many components, including workload complexity, server performance, user traffic, and more. Because of all this, we can expect various specific problem points to appear. 

Variety of MLOps Tools 

At the moment, experts cannot agree on which MLOps tools or applications to use to achieve the best result. Companies can turn to open-source tools, proprietary tools, SaaS, and on-premises solutions. 

Each of these tools has both advantages and disadvantages. organizations must assess their own on their goals and problems to choose the best solution for them. In addition, organizations can choose either public or hybrid cloud providers. 


The development of MLOps is progressing by leaps and bounds. A huge number of machine learning companies are emerging, as well as a large number of companies looking to benefit from MLOps to increase productivity and efficiency. While the technology is making headway, there will be some specific challenges that companies will have to deal with in the coming year. The popularity of the technology also means that there will be a demand for skilled people, and companies will be able to improve their models based on more accurate data.

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