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Tips for smoking cigars


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When it comes to enjoying your life and adding some sort of luxury to your life, one of the best and the most important thing to include are the cigars. Cigars are passion-driven into veins. It’s not about the smoke and the luxury of owning a handcrafted cigar into your hands. Rather than making sure that you enjoy the flavor and the company you are smoking with.

However, there are a number of smoke shops near me that could offer some of the best cigars in business. But finding the right place to enjoy your cigar is important. It’s the ambiance, the right company and the right cigar in your hand that adds to the joy of having a cigar.

For the new bees who are trying to locate some of the best cigars near me. It is important to learn a few tips about the cigar aficionado before you take on the challenge of smoking cigars. You may also find some of the best online cigar shops that have a wide variety of cigar brands to offer. But it is essential to learn a few tips before you can order the best cigar in town.

  1. Making the right cigar:

Roaming around in the cigar shop and looking at some of the best humidor tobacco shops in the vicinity may not be able to serve your purpose. On the other hand, there are a number of things that one should take care of, and one among them is the selection of the right cigar.

There are different types and intensities of the cigar that are available in the market, and before choosing the closest one in the humidor, make sure to perform extensive research about them. For beginners, it is recommended to choose mild to medium cigars. This helps you to develop the flavor and intensity of the cigar smoke.

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Later on, you could enjoy some of the best and the rarest finds in cigar brands that offer strong flavors at the same time, a unique experience of the cigar smoke.

But before you try your hand at the recommendations of the cigar shop owners, make sure to choose those ones which are firm throughout that to describe the integrity of the cigar. The cigar needs to be firm throughout, providing you with a similar kind of experience when you are moving down the lane.

  1. Cutting of the cigar:

Now comes the time for some of the expert tips. Cutting the tip of the cigar is important. The tip of the cigar is covered with the cap providing it a safe zone and preventing the tobacco of the cigar from drying out.

However, it is essential to mention that one needs to cut the cigar with a sharp bladder or a cigar cutter to make sure that you don’t damage the outer layer of the cigar. If you are using a blunt knife or scissors that are not sharp enough, then you may damage the layer of the cigar, which will ruin your whole process of smoke.

Cut the cigar in on chop and make it a habit of doing it regularly to master the skill. Once you are habitual of cutting the cigar instantly, you are able to enjoy the smoke more.

  1. Lighting the cigar:

This may seem to be a regular thing for the smoker. When they lit the cigarette, they would be able to do it for a cigar as well. But those who passionately love the cigar know the fact that cigars are the love of smoke, and therefore, you need to get them lit properly. You need to make sure that the cigar is lit evenly and burns evenly at the same time.

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Because the cigars are rolled in such a manner that if they aren’t lit properly, it is going to affect their flavor, and the whole process of smoking the cigar is also lost. However, one of the best tools to light the cigar is to do with the help of a torch lighter. You may choose to light the cigar with the help of conventional tools, but the desired effect is only possible with a torch lighter.

It is interesting to note that the cigars don’t need to burn right away. You need to move bi closer to the flame and first warm the foot of the cigar. This helps you to slowly light the cigar rather than introducing the direct burst of flame in front of it.

Once the cigar catches some smoke, allow it to burn in properly and completely. The smoke helps your cigar to burn evenly and gives you an aesthetic experience of smoke and cigar.

  1. Smoke the cigar:

This is the most worthy part of the cigar smoker as now you are all set to enjoy the smoke of the cigar. The key to perfect smoke is not to inhale the smoke. Take a puff, allow it to rest in your mouth and taste and enjoy the flavor that you have picked up. It is essential to note that the smoke of the cigar is not worthy of going to your lungs. Therefore, take the smoke to your mouth and then blow it lightly.

The key to the preparation and puff taking of the cigar is slow and steady. The lighter you begin, the better you are going to enjoy your further smokes.

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Therefore, begin the process lightly, and then you could always move towards strong flavors and heavier puffs.

Once the cigar begins to burn a giveaway smoke, there are chances that you begin to collect ash to your cigar. Here again, unlike the ash of the smoke, the cigar ash doesn’t need to be dropped off. Instead, you need to make sure that the cigar builds on to the ash as it refers to the quality of the cigar that you have picked up. After lots and lots of research and time investing in the search for the right cigar.

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