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Tips to Choose the Best Junk Yard Near You to Sell Your Car


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Do you have an old clunker taking up space in your driveway? Or perhaps a car that no longer runs due to mechanical issues? Rather than letting it continue to decay, why not sell it to a local junk yard and free up some space while putting some cash in your pocket. However, not all junk yards are created equal when it comes to getting top dollar for your car. Use these tips for selling my car near me.

Know What Your Car is Worth

Before calling any junk yards, do some research to determine what make, model and year of car you have along with mileage and condition. Search similar listings online for private sales and trade-in values at dealerships to give you a price range for negotiation purposes later. This will prevent you from underselling based on a junk yard’s first offer. Remember, they want to maximize profit too so go in armed with comparable car values to get cash for junk cars.

Search for Nearby Junk Yards

Now that you know around what price you should expect, start searching online directories and maps for junk yards located near you. Expand your search in wider and wider concentric circles if needed until you have 3-5 solid options. Avoid sketchy looking operations with no online presence or contact info – proven established businesses with licensing, certifications and positive reviews are ideal.  Call or check their websites to confirm they purchase used, damaged and junk titled cars before moving forward.

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Compare Their Offer Prices

With your list of target junk yards who buy all car conditions, give each one a call to inquire about a quote. Provide specifics on make, model, year and condition of your car. Ask lots of questions about their evaluation process and average pricing structures. Take notes on each location’s estimate so you can compare later. Let them know you’re exploring multiple options and can’t commit just yet. Avoid accepting any firm offers over the phone until completing an in-person inspection.

Visit In Person Before Committing

Schedule in-person appointments to have their expert team assess your car’s value onsite. This gives you a chance to get a feel for the legitimacy of the business based on appearance, organization and customer service practices observed. When reviewing your car, be upfront about any known mechanical issues or damage to exterior parts. As they provide you quotes, reiterate the pricing you researched beforehand as justification to counter if their number seems unfairly low.

Compare Overall Value Before Selling

With all the estimates in hand from different junk yards, compare not only the actual cash you’d receive but additional services offered like free towing. Factor in google ratings and better business bureau accreditation as well before selecting the top all-around choice for your needs. Avoid picking the highest bidder alone without vetting customer satisfaction levels. Finding the optimal balance between a fair payout and responsible business practices is key for your best interest.


Selling an old clunker doesn’t have to be a fruitless hassle if you leverage online pricing guides and local junk yard buying networks to negotiate a great deal. Do your diligence to research first, gather multiple quotes next and then compare comprehensively before signing over your car. Following these proactive steps will lead you to the cream of the crop junk yard ready to pay cash for your car while providing a smooth and satisfactory experience each step of the way.

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