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To succeed in career one should understand the larger play: Sainath Maharatta Salankey, Founder and CEO, SHN


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A successful is built on lifestyle concepts and talent. To become your best version and develop habits, skills, innercircle and connections are required to be holistically made in today’s world. You should develop traits such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, social currency, upto date learning which actually makes one strong. to become successful students, young professionals, technology & management professionals, life coaches, business coaches, leadership gurus & mentors, entrepreneurs, etc., StrongHumanNetwork offers effective communication, trust and confidence building training to its members enabling learning, personal development, relationship building,  professional & financial success and health. In an exclusive conversation with Financial Express Online Sainath Maharatta Salankey- Founder and CEO, Strong Human Network talked about their vision and more. Excerpts

In the current uncertain times the most important life skills needed is 1st having a strong and calm mindset and being resilient to challenges and failures. This resilience comes from awareness. Because soo much is happening around the world(and so much information, options available on fingertips) , staying in continuous awareness of one’s self and outside world and not getting overwhelmed is a very challenging task to say the least.To be able to handle these pressures and stay sane, calm and succeed, one needs to be in the right ambience and company and that is what StrongHumanNetwork offers to its members.

Another important life skill which people are struggling to master is emotional outreach. People are discussing emotional intelligence but currently with so many deaths happening around us there is a need to fill the emotional gaps and voids and if you are in a position to extend a helping hand, then emotional outreach is a valuable life skill which will build lifelong relationships.

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At StrongHumanNetwork we as a community stand for each other by connecting individually at personal level and understanding the wellbeing of the member and providing the required guidance to sail through the situation stronger.

How these skills will help members in their career and jobs prospectus.

We are in a phase of transformation of human societies that you’ll be left behind if you can’t think beyond a job and career. The larger world is changing, technology and pandemics are transforming all aspects such as office, business, entertainment, financial planning, investment strategies, and priorities in life.

To be able to succeed in a career one should be able to understand this larger play. SHN helps its members in understanding this through our events, individual guidance, content recommendations and coaching from respective experts.

One more important skill for a career is one’s ability to work with virtual, large dispersed teams efficiently. This requires high levels of emotional intelligence. Also this is not just an individual skill but a resultant of market sentiment, company’s culture, trust among stakeholders etc.

At SHN we create an atmosphere which enhances awareness of all members, makes them trust each other and open up. All these are essential to develop emotional intelligence. emotional intelligence is really difficult to acquire in real life because there is always disincentive in the form of social disapproval if your (emotionally intelligent) action fails. and without testing your emotional intelligence you’ll never excel at it. SHN gives you an atmosphere where you don’t have the fear of failing in social circumstances and all other members make you feel comfortable to make mistakes and learn.

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How is a strong human network different from other startups?

When you say startup, it is understood as a “technology startup” generally. StrongHumanNetwork is proud of the fact that it is “not an app” . StrongHumanNetwork is building an ecosystem of talented individuals who live the StrongHuman Lifestyle and progress is their professional, personal life and live a healthy and fulfilling life and blooming into their best version.

Following things that make SHN stand out  –
StrongHuman lifestyle concept which is an innovation in branding, design and conceptual product marketing. The concept has a very universal and global appeal as being Strong/desire to be strong is the very core of every human being. SHN has been built keeping the global audience in mind. We already have members across 7 countries.

We have highly talented & passionate members already who are actually living the StrongHuman Lifestyle daily. Our members come from very diverse backgrounds. We have army brigadiers, Bschool Deans, IIM BOG, Life coaches, Meditation coaches, management professionals, Business Consultants, doctors etc. we have members from all walks of life and all age groups.

We are actually creating an ecosystem which makes innovation and collaboration thrive , increase agreeableness and develop leaders in the society. This has far reaching positive consequences for the country and the world if one has the ability to see.

How is one going to work after they take a membership here?

To take up membership, one needs referral by an existing member and further every member needs to finish the 21 day StrongHuman destiny journaling challenge to officially become a member.

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StrongHuman Destiny is our journaling concept and a daily activity of SHN. All members are encouraged and incentivised to journal daily. Further every member is assisted in the community by a relationship manager and success manager who provide preliminary guidance and further introductions.

They help you in setting your quarterly, annual personal/professional/health goals and achieve them and stay with you throughout the journey and assist you in case you face challenges.

What are its goals and ambitions?

SHN aspires to have a global footprint of its members who inspire each other and lead a fulfilling life by becoming their best versions. Currently we are a community of around 1000 official members with a network of around a million individuals majorly Indians and NRIs. We want to expand to 10000 members in the next 12 months and enter new customer segments.

Though we onboard new members, servicing existing members to their full satisfaction is our top priority. We put a lot of emphasis on bringing the right talent pool inside the company. We are continuously nurturing our “Success managers” who actually connect with our members, solve their challenges, inspire them to lead StrongHuman Lifestyle. We plan to expand our Success managers team by bringing new talent to cater to an increasing member base.

What help are these members provided with?

Members are provided with guidance, opportunities in
– Career
– Acquiring Life Skills
– Relationships
– Health & Fitness goals.

Our mantra is very simple. Inculcate the StrongHuman Lifestyle – excel in career, relationships, health & fitness and be your best version!!


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