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Top 5 Essential Motorcycle Accessories


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Every motorcyclist who takes his passion seriously knows that in addition to having a two-wheeler that looks good, achieves sensational performance, and is not a threat, he must also have a number of accessories that will affect his safety. We will tell you about what will be useful to every motorcycle lover.

Motorcycle Helmet

It is almost obvious that every motorcyclist should have a helmet. This is regulated by the relevant provisions of the law. Unfortunately, the legislator wrote that when riding a motorcycle, it is necessary to wear a helmet, but did not specify which one. Obviously, it must be approved.

For some, impression matters, and for others, safety. That is why some will choose the cheapest model In addition, of course, the helmet will be matched in terms of bike fit and lightness. You must buy a predator motorcycle helmet as these ensure safety and are also easily available.

It is worth buying a composite fiber helmet with an integrated shell design that best protects the head during a crash. It may be more expensive and doesn’t have attractive extras like a Bluetooth slot, but it does provide security.

Motorcycle boots 

Of course, in addition to a helmet, suitable motorcycle boots are essential. Yes, yes … You should not ride in sneakers. How to choose shoes? Of course, it is important that they fit our bike, helmet, and other items of equipment, which we will write about below, but it is also important what kind of riding style we have, as well as whether they will protect us from the weather and injuries that we are exposed to.

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Most often, motorcycle boots are divided into sports and tourist shoes. The first should have sliders and protectors placed inside the shoe. What is important in motorcycle boots? Of course, the protection of the tibia is provided by the defender. In addition, the protection of the fingers, as well as the ankles. 

Shoes should be covered with a membrane that will give warmth and ensure water resistance. The sole must be non-slip. Shoes should have reflective elements, they should not be too small or too large, and even more so – painful.

Motorcycle gloves 

In addition to shoes and helmets, gloves are also the bare minimum. It is the hands that are extremely susceptible to injury during an accident on a two-wheeled vehicle. That is why they need proper protection. The ideal is to have reinforcements in vulnerable areas.

This is often achieved through multiple layers of durable material placed at the metacarpal joints, on the outer edges of the hand, and at the wrist. More expensive models have arms made of Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or PVC. In the case of motorcycle gloves, an adjustable cuff is also important, which can be fastened on the sleeve or deep under the sleeve of the jacket.

Protectors for motorcycles 

Accessories for the motorcyclist are also all kinds of protectors that can be worn separately. Not necessarily in the form of clothes. You can buy protectors for knees, elbows, hips, back, chest, spine, and neck. Unfortunately, many treads cause discomfort when driving, as they are quite rigid. However, it is worth considering the issue: of convenience and safety.

Clothing for motorcyclists 

Some will sit on the motorcycle as they are dressed, and others will wear special motorcycle clothing. You can buy special trousers, although overalls are the best. Not only do they cover the entire body, so they are unlikely to catch a cold, but many of them are protected from rain. Moreover, the best models are sewn-on protectors for the shoulders, elbows, back, knees, or hips. Thanks to them, you can be sure that during the fall, damage to the body will be minimized.

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