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Top Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Vehicle Decals to Advertise


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Vehicle decals or wraps are nothing new, however, given the need for small businesses to attract customer attention despite the clutter and noise, their use has proliferated in recent times. Vehicle decal advertising is not only far more affordable than mainstream mass media like newspapers and TV but also has several other significant benefits. A quick examination of the benefits of using vehicle decal advertising:

Better Brand Reach

Because the vehicles are moving around to different parts of the town, more people get to know of the brand, and the business can generate more inquiries or footfalls than if it were a static billboard. Also, regardless of the vehicle being on the move, stuck in traffic, or parked for making deliveries, the advertising message keeps on working as people can easily notice the decal. When you have a fleet of vehicles decorated with the same graphics and advertising message, it will give the impression to the public that your business is large and present everywhere.

Exposes the Brand to Multiple Types of Audiences

Advertising with car decals exposes the brand to more than just the core target audience. Because the trucks or cars are moving around on the roads, audiences of different demographics get to see them. It can help to generate the familiarity that is the basis of the credibility of the business. When a large proportion of the local population sees the brand advertisement, it is taken for granted that the business is a reputed one. The goodwill generated can drive the all-important footfalls and sales.

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Long Display Life

When printed using good quality materials, car decals usually have a very long display life. Despite being exposed to bright sunshine, high winds, driving rain, and snow, as well as extremes of temperature, vehicle stickers perform admirably in getting the brand message across. By applying a clear laminate on the vinyl decals at the time of printing, their resistance to fading and scratches is vastly improved, thus further extending their life. The clear lamination acts to reflect the UV-rays, according to a UV Solutions report. When applied correctly, vehicle decals can last for many months though savvy businesses keep changing the graphics periodically to keep the messaging fresh.

Endless Customization

Not only are vehicle graphics easy to customize for your different models of trucks and cars, but also you can design them in just about any way you like with your brand logo, product photos, smart slogans, etc. You can also dress up the display with reflective paints and tapes that can create a big impact at night when the lights of other vehicles fall on them. Because of the easy customization process, businesses can keep changing the displays with new graphics and slogans to lead new marketing campaigns.


Immensely versatile and inexpensive, vehicle decals represent one of the most affordable methods for small businesses to advertise. With no restrictions generally applicable on the movement of small vehicles, vehicle wraps can work overtime in spreading your brand message and encouraging customers to make inquiries or walk into your store. Used consistently, car decals can build brand awareness very effectively.

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