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Top Resources To Learn Test Automation


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Lack of knowledge and relevant training creates a significant roadblock for a tester. Again and again, testers working in a team suddenly have to learn a new architecture of an automation tool whenever a new design demands it.

However, there are many resources available to deal with questions on test automation and provide guidance through the course of learning the basics of automation testing. This article will speak about various resources for test automation, ranging from blogs, workshops, and online video tutorials.

Email Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the most elegant resources to stay streamlined about the current affairs occurring in automation testing. In this form of resource, an email is being consigned every day that has a summary of the top news, blog posts and articles from the leading automation testing websites if you subscribe to one.

Workshops and Other Learning Platforms

Any form of new technology, specifically one which is communed to coding and scripting, is well picked up when you get hands-on experience with the coding. Luckily for automation, there are relatively a few workshops where you can generate a design coherently while learning.

REST Assured Workshop – OnTestAutomation

Bas Dijkstra, an accomplished automation testing advisor and trainer, shares his proficiency and helps new contenders with mastering API testing through several courses on his website.

Although numerous courses offer API testing, most of these concentrate on a particular tool. The course by Dijkstra, notwithstanding, teaches you about

  • The effects you must look out for in API testing.
  • Part of API in contemporary software.
  • Covering all the tools used for automated API testing.
  • API testing using the REST-Assured library.
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Explore With Postman – Amber Race

Amber Race, a celebrated speaker at the Testing Guild, makes exploratory testers apprehensive of the automation tools they can use through this workshop. The Explore-with-Postman workshop is accessible free of cost on GitHub, where you can learn the basics and have hands-on experience with automated API testing.


Citrus is an open-source framework that provides information on learning automation tests for integration testing of any messaging protocol or data format. The framework is free to download, and the documentation helps you understand how to carry out automated integration testing using the framework.

Testing Blogs

Blogs are excellent resources for test automation. With the increasing demand for mobile app test automation in the industry, the number of bloggers is also rising.


The blogs posted in Guru99 furnish a vast repository of knowledge regarding automation testing technologies like Selenium and Appium. Apart from these, subjects like performance testing, test management, and likewise are also provided. Adding this to your bookmarks will give you regular updates about new trends in the industry.


One of the leading providers of cloud-based cross-browser testing solutions, LambdaTest maintains a blog section that consists of blog posts on all the technologies and manual and automation testing. New articles related to step-by-step Selenium tutorials for automation testing and other imminent trends are posted every week.


Another great resource for test automation is done. The automation testing section is relatively vast, probably one of the largest. The editorial team comprehensively scrutinizes every paper to ensure that only the top-quality content is presented to the readers. Any software testing professional can partake in what they know with other druggies.

Adventures In Automation

The organizer of Boston’s Ministry of Testing aims to teach new testers about the next technology that might dominate manual testing by loosening the efforts of other testers. The blogs are categorically concerted in various sections. TJ Maher owns a channel on YouTube that will deliver you information regarding the new features in the world of automation.

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Community-Driven Chat Groups

Whenever we get stuck somewhere, we can take help from community-driven forums and chat groups if you are yet working on a given automation testing tool without possessing that much proficiency. Other than Stack Overflow, several other platforms are the only test-driven.


Podcasts are an extensive resource for learning test automation. They allow you to download the audio-visual content and attend to it in your comfort, even without a working internet connection.

Ministry of Testing’s Official Podcast

The Ministry of Testing has a vast community of accomplished testing professionals. Their proficiency has been reflected in their official podcast. No one requires any previous knowledge or scripting experience to attend these podcasts. A wide range of individuals host those podcasts and speak on multiple subjects in each session. How to perform testing in a better, faster and further economical way can be learned from these podcasts.

Adventures With Selenium

There are numerous proficient testers for Selenium and testers who are new to this technology. For new testers, this podcast is a must to watch. Experienced panellists Matthew Heusser and Brian Van Stone speak about using Selenium in their automation testing operation.

Learn Test Automation by Video Tutorials

The premier method of learning any new technology is through an audio-visual interface. Many channels on YouTube offer courses in automation testing and mobile test automation tools. Paid websites like Udemy and Coursera also promote self-learning.

Udemy – Selenium WebDriver Tutorial with Java and Cucumber BDD

This tutorial, created by Tim Short, guides us through the fundamentals of automation testing. In this course, the following things are covered:

  • Writing real-time automation testing scripts.
  • Learning methods of integrating Selenium with Java.
  • Simulation of behaviours of a user and finding elements in a webpage.
  • Developing BDD/Cucumber test plans using Gherkins.
  • Building a robust testing framework.
  • Using multiple browsers can automate user functions and design a data-driven testing framework.

More than 9,000 students are enrolled in this course with a 4.3 stars rating at Udemy.

Appium(Latest 1.8.2)-Mobile Test Automation from Scratch

In today’s age of portable devices and smartphones, Appium is an automation testing tool that must learn. It is used to master automation testing of native and hybrid mobile apps in Android and iOS. A course created by Rahul Shetty, with 29 hours of training consisting of 209 lectures, can help :

  • Automating the testing of mobile apps by using Appium’s latest version.
  • Learning the coding standards for writing well-optimized automation scripts for mobile testing.
  • Developing an automation framework from scratch.
  • Get complete knowledge of the current version of Selenium 3.0.
  • Having a detailed understanding of Appium components like ANT, TestNG, Maven, and Jenkins.
  • Creating industry-standard bug reports using advanced reporting tools.
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Learn with HeadSpin blogs

HeadSpin is the world’s first Digital Experience AI Platform, integrating cloud-hosted and on-premises global device infrastructure, test automation, and machine learning-driven performance and quality-of-experience analytics for mobile, web, audio, and video. They publish high-end blogs curated by professionals working in the field or who at least have prior experience or knowledge in the subjects. The blogs on automated testing, mobile test automation and automated regression testing are written with reliable data and relevant statistics to help you understand the need of the hour in a transparent and comprehensible way.

Headspin Videos

Through their videos, Headspin gives in-depth ideas about the concepts like automated testing, mobile test automation, and automated regression testing in lucid language. 

Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange for Software Quality Assurance and Testing is a question and answer blog for software quality control specialists, automation engineers, and software testers.

Bloggers Nancy, Subramanyam, Blueberry – Vignesh4303, Jon, Jimmy343, Michael, Anas, Whatsbehindthecurtain, Kamil, Vishal Aggarwal, Darshani Kaushalya, William Hruska, Jatin234, Rohit Kumar, Pavan, Hailey, Veena Devi help you in understanding and diving deeper into the concepts of mobile test automation and automated regression testing.

Ultimate QA – Nikolay Advolodkin

Nikolay Advolodkin is an entrepreneurial Automation Testing Engineer. His enthusiasm for his job aids in all types of automation testing and quality assurance activities. On his site, Nik also teaches software testing.

CP-SAT – Certified Professional Selenium Automation Testing

“Agile Testing Alliance” and “Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)” are the creators of CP-SAT or “Certified Professional – Selenium Automation Testing” certification. The course is meant to teach agile professionals the fundamentals of Selenium web application and automation testing before moving on to more complex subjects.

Summing it up

In this era of digital platforms and the internet, we have many resources to learn any form of technology at our comfort. In the domain of software automated testing, we should acquire the proper expertise before actually working on a project.

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