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Tori Spelling: Has She FINALLY Confirmed That She’s Divorcing Dean McDermott?


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At this point, pretty much the whole world knows that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are getting divorced.

All the signs are there and the rumors have been circulating for months.

In the past, Tori and Dean have been pretty open about their marital troubles.

Some believe the McDermotts even made up a fake mistress for Dean in order to make their first reality show more interesting.

But for whatever reason, the couple is being much more tight-lipped than usual these days.

Maybe they’re trying to keep the bad news from their kids until after the holidays, or maybe there’s some truth to the rumors that Tori is just too poor to divorce Dean.

Whatever the case, these two are doing a very poor job of keeping the secret under wraps.

Tori has already met with a divorce attorney, and Dean has been spotted without his wedding ring on numerous occasions.

As if those weren’t big enough giveaways, Tori appeared on Jeff Lewis’ podcast this week, and she stopped just short of confirming that she and Dean have already called it quits.

“Alright, so, holiday shopping: What are we getting Dean? Anything?” Lewis asked, in what was clearly a leading question.

“Yes, of course, the kids are getting him something,” Spelling replied, according to Us Weekly.

Lewis then asked if the kids would be forced to “use [their] own money.”

“No, I’m contributing,” Spelling said.

It was then that she turned the tables on her host, asking Lewis about the situation with his ex and his children.

“What are you getting [your ex] Gage [Edward]? You have to — [your daughter] Monroe has to get him something because that’s how it works, like, the kids have to get their parents [a gift]. Hi, welcome to life,” Spelling wryly advised.

She went to suggest that Lewis should tell his daughter to get a “little card” to go with the present, explaining, “That’s how it goes.”

Okay. So Tori basically said she’s not getting Dean anything for Christmas, and when Lewis pressed her about it, she compared the situation to the one between the host and his ex.

In short, she made it sound very much like Dean is her ex.

And this is far from the first indicator that Tori and Dean are already living separate lives.

Spelling’s Christmas card for 2021 features a photo of her and her kids, with Dean conspicuously nowhere to be seen.

And while fans jumped to the conclusion that that was basically Tori’s way of confirming that she and Dean were finished, the actress claims the decision was made out of necessity:

She insists that the photoshoot happened while Dean was out of town for an acting gig.

Since Dean is currently back in LA, it seems like she probably could have just waited a week of two and still gotten the card mailed on time, but whatever.

Anyway, insiders say Tori and Dean are doing their best to maintain the illusion of normalcy at least through the end of the holiday season.

It seems the whole family already enjoyed an uneventful Thanksgiving together.

“Everyone chipped in for the cooking and preparation,” one insider told Us Weekly

“They really are trying to celebrate the holidays as a family and put aside their differences,” the source continued.

“Most importantly, [they] want their kids to be happy.”

The insider said that there’s still a good deal of tension between Tori and Dean, and a divorce could “still happen.”

For now, however, Spelling and McDermott have an “understanding,” and they plan to celebrate the holiday season as “one unit.”

And you thought your Christmas had the potential to be awkward!

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