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Tori Spelling Posts Sexy Selfies Amid Rumors She’s Finalized Divorce From Dean McDermott


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Is Tori Spelling ready to re-enter the dating scene?

That’s the question that fans are asking as rumors about the actress’ divorce from Dean McDermott continue to circulate.

Tori and Dean have both been dodging questions about the state of their marriage, and that might tell us all we need to know.

After all, these two are usually more than happy to air their dirty laundry in public if it means they’ll get to be the subject of a few tabloid headlines.

Perhaps if Tori and Dean were steering clear of the spotlight altogether, we’d be inclined to believe that they’re working out some issues and prefer to do so privately.

As it is, however, they’ve both been appearing in public and posting on social media — they’ve just been avoiding any mention of the divorce speculation while doing so.

Case in point: Tori posted a sultry Halloween selfie over the weekend, and while she used to enjoy interacting with fans on social media, these days she doesn’t allow anyone to comment on her posts.

“Bathrooms make the best selfies,” Spelling captioned the pic.

Turning her comments off was probably a good decision, as the discussion likely would’ve centered entirely around two topics:

1. The possibility that Tori and Dean are already divorced.

2. The fact that Spelling looks more like Khloe Kardashian with each passing day.

Yes, fans are convinced that Tori and Khloe have been going to the same plastic surgeon.

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And they believe that Spelling’s slow transformation is related to the reports of her troubled marriage.

The rumor is that Tori has been tweaking her appearance in preparation for re-entering the dating scene.

We suppose that’s possible.

But as evidence of Tori and Dean’s divorce, it’s pretty flimsy.

There are far more compelling signs all over the place.

For instance, Tori has met with a divorce attorney, which is not the sort of behavior that happily married women typically engage in.

As for Dean, he’s been spotted without his wedding ring on several recent occasions.

When he was first asked about this telling fashion choice, Dean claimed that he had misplaced the ring and was planning on replacing it as soon as possible.

During a recent podcast interview, however, McDermott simply dodged the question completely.

“I don’t reply, you know, anymore,” Dean said.

“It’s just like, ‘OK, if that’s what you want to think, then think it.’”

Yeah, it sounds like Dean has grown tired of trying to convince the public that all is well in his household.

Currently, Spelling and McDermott still live together, but insiders say that’s only because Dean is too broke to move out.

Tori revealed in a recent interview that she and her husband sleep in separate rooms, but she insists that that’s just because her kids got used to sharing her bed while McDermott was out of town recently.

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On their own, perhaps the new sleeping arrangements wouldn’t raise any red flags.

Coupled with all the other evidence, however, they raise a lotn of questions about Tori and Dean’s future.


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