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Types of Commonly Used CNC Machining Tools 


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You might have asked yourself what makes a great CNC machining services company. The tools used to make all products and their features precise and of excellent quality. Well, it all lies in the tools used to create the shapes. From the designing process to the manufacturing and refining of the parts and products, these tools make everything unique and outstanding. Here is a list of the tools used and their relevance.

Drill Bits 

They come with a conical cutting point where a flute and helical groves are contained. They are of three types which include the ejector, center, and twist. Depending on the product being made, people are asked to choose what is best for them. a center drill is used to make small precise holes while the ejector one is used for drilling deep holes. This one ensures maximum hole uniformity, especially when making identical products.

End Mills 

These are designed for versatile operations to ensure maximum productivity. End Mills contain up to eight flutes on their ends and sides to ensure maximum drilling. If you want to drill a hard surface without a pre-drilled hole, this is the best tool you can use. It doesn’t break easily so whether you are dealing with wood or plastic, you can be sure to enjoy maximum outcomes. There are also roughening end mills that contain serration that allow you to remove large volumes of materials when drilling holes.

Face Mills 

Have you ever seen people making small cuts on a flat surface before they start working on it? The material that is used for pre-drilling before doing real drilling is called the Face Mill. It is wonderful because Face mills make the work easier and reduces the time spent in making drilling on the object being worked on. For complicated curves and groves, you will need to use the side and face cutters which can make the work easier for you. 

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Reamers are used in hole precision when making big holes. You start with the smallest hole as you expand it and make it bigger. This is the best way to ensure you have excellent holes that are not oversized. Start small then use reamers to expand the hole bit by bit until you achieve the required target. Starting big will make you use the wrong sized hole which can mess up your work. 


CNC machining services use a lot of tools. Depending on the work being done, different tools can be used. It requires high-level expertise to ensure you use the appropriate tools not just for precision but also to prevent wastage of resources and other types of uncertainties. Always make sure you have excellent kind of materials so that you make the best products. Gear cutters are also some of the commonly used tools and they are used to make gears for cars and motorbikes as well as motorboats. As long as they have a prototype of your gears, the machining company can always produce the best gears for you. 

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