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Online Document Verification: A Way For a Safe Freelancing Platform


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Imagine a situation where a customer has established their freelancing site so that they can catch projects and polish their skills for the better. The client has presented themselves well before the audience. The customer notices that everything is going well and good because fresh projects are coming in and the customer is able to fulfill the requirements of the owner. There are not any major problems and the customer is earning a good profit. And after some time, the client hires another person because the workload keeps increasing. The new candidate works passionately initially but then the client spots a problem. The customer tries to contact the new candidate but there is no response from him which is stressing out the customer. The client has tried everything to make things work but the only solution that remains is letting go of the new hire due to irresponsible behavior. The client tries to compensate the real owner but a bad impression has been made. The owner retreats the projects and reduces the exposure to the client. The customer looks for a solution on the web and figures out that it was a freelance fraud experience that ruined the reputation before the international market. But the positive point is that the client was able to find a solution to the problem. 

How Online Document Verification Can Facilitate In Discouraging The Freelance Fraudsters?

Even though the above situation is imagined and visualized, it has a lesson for all businesses and customers. It is to use authentication processes to protect themselves from scam attempts. The above scenario shows that the new candidate was hired and the relevant information was filled but there was no method to check the validity of the given information. The process is necessary to check if the client is actually what is claimed to be. The new candidate left the platform without notice and left the employer with a bad reputation. If any regulatory body analyzes the interaction, it will notice that the fraudsters checked that there is no way that the information will be verified and they will be able to get away with their scam scot-free. 

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In such cases, a discouraging factor for scammers can be the identity and document verification services process that will authenticate the given information regarding the identity and within documents. The process has its value because it protects the reputation of the companies and clients involved. 

What Could Be Another Scenario Of A Freelancing Scam?

The above problem is there even though it is hypothetical and imagined. But there can be another problematic situation. It means another type of freelancing scam. For a better understanding of the new situation, it is the opposite scenario of the above situation. In the new situation, only a freelancer is getting impacted because the freelancing site that the freelancer applied to is a scam on another level. It means that they onboard a freelancer with the promise that the platform will pay the candidate after completing the task. But the freelancing service scams by acquiring the completed task and disappearing from the scenario without paying the due fee of the candidate. What could be done in this situation? A third-party service that is in agreement with the  KYC compliance and regulations will help tackle the above fraudulent situation. In case, there is no identity or document verification process, there will always be risk involved. 

How Does An Online Document Verification System Work? 

There are several steps involved in an online document verification system. 

  • The process requires the user to upload their image on the digital platform 
  • The OCR technology captures the relevant information and immediately compares it to the other documents in the database
  • The technology validates the information and also checks the format of the presented information. Afterwards, a verification message appears on the screens of the customers. 
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Note: The whole authentication process is digital, fast, and accurate. It means that there is high productivity, and minimum manual effort involved. Moreover, the time required to complete the whole process is approximately one minute, which points to the increased conversion rates and decreased drop-off rates. The high accuracy of the process is there because the technology is AI-based and also functions on machine learning

Final Thoughts

The feasible solution to the above-mentioned problem is a document verification company through third-party platforms. They will ensure that anyone who registers for the freelancing platforms should get their information verified and authenticated so that people with the right skills can get linked with good opportunities on the freelancing platform. The technology actually looks for any fabrication and forgery in the submitted documents. There are two ways to get the documents verified i.e. through live videos and by uploading the pictures. Even with all the complexities, the online document verification process takes less than a minute to complete the authentication process. So, the process is time effective. 


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