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Unexpected Season 5 Trailer: Who’s Back? Who’s Pregnant? Who Gets Arrested?!?


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Forgive the very obvious pun, but:

A new season of Unexpected is about to be delivered to your living room!

TLC has released the first trailer for Season 5 of this Teen Mom-like reality show, which features a number of young women and their ever-expanding immediate families.

unexpected tease

Upcoming episodes will introduce viewers to new cast members Kylen Smith and Emersyn Potter, both of whom will join returning parents Lilly Bennett, Jenna Ronan and Tyra Boisseau.

Relatedly, Tyra’s pregnant sister, Tiarra Boisseau, and pregnant cousin, Tayler Williams, will also play a role on the program this spring.

In the just-released trailer previews, we get a glimpse at Lilly’s new life after moving out of her mother’s house and into a home with her fiancé, Lawrence Bishop.

All isn’t going so well for the pair, however, especially afte Lawrence questions whether staying at home with one’s child is really a challenging endeavor.

unexpected people

Jenna and Aden, meanwhile, appear to have broken up, as evidenced by their recent social media posts.

“You are not there for me emotionally at all, Aden,” Jenna tells him as the two relax at the beach in the video featured here.

The footage then cuts to the couple in a confessional interview … as Aden gets up off the couch and leaves, saying “I’m done” because “she offended me.”

unexpected peeps

As for Emersyn? A majority of her storyline will seemingly center on her relationship with her mom and dad.

In her promo scenes, Emersyn’s mother says that boyfriend Mason isn’t allowed to sleep in the same room as Emersyn.

The teen parents, however, do not abide by the rule, which prompts Emersyn’s mom kicks Mason out.


Finally, it appears safe to assume that Jason Korpi will be the breakout star of Season 5 — but for all the wrong reasons.

In addition to keeping pregnant 17-year-old Kylen away from her parents, Jason is seen in the delivery room, totally oblivious to the pain his partner is in.

“Can you please come here?!” Kylen pleads with her boyfriend.

Jason, not even looking up from his phone, replies: “Can you please not get the epidural?”

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Later on? We see this loser getting escorted out of the hospital by police officers.

For what possible reason?

We’ll soon find out.

Unexpected Season 5 premieres on March 6 at 10/9c on TLC!

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