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What Are Parquet Flooring And Is It Best For Home Décor?


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One of the most expensive flooring materials, parquet flooring is often considered as the finest in the world. With its multiple benefits of parquet flooring, its high cost and elegant looks make it the perfect choice for both home and commercial applications. Parquets are made from wood fibers that are very durable and can withstand high foot traffic. Parquet floors can be used indoors and outdoors and its unique design allows it to remain unaffected from wear and tear due to constant foot movement. Its anti-skid properties also help it withstand moist and damp conditions indoors.

How parquet Flooring effects on home décor

Many homeowners and commercial property owners in Dubai prefer parquets because of its elegant yet simple look. The parquet flooring in Dubai gives the same sophistication and beauty to the interiors of the house while at the same time, helping to add a touch of class and culture to the exteriors. If you wish to create an elegant atmosphere in your home or a luxurious feel to your business office, then parquet flooring is best for home décor. It has several features that make flooring the best for both residential and commercial applications.

Features of parquet flooring

One of the most outstanding features of parquet flooring is its timeless elegance and versatility. This flooring material is very easy to maintain and care for. Due to its low maintenance factor, parquet is suitable for almost every type of house and commercial buildings. With proper cleaning and polishing techniques, you can easily maintain the parquet flooring and keep it in pristine condition.

Another important feature of flooring is its durability. Due to its unique design, parquet flooring can brave years of wear and tear. It can easily last for decades without suffering any kind of damage. Since this flooring material is usually made up of wood, its durability can also be backed by the wood material itself. No matter what the climate is, your  flooring can brave the test of time and stand the test of time.

Advantages of Parquet Flooring

Elegant parquet flooring is available in wide varieties of colors and styles. This makes it easy for homeowners to match the overall look of their house or commercial building with the flooring material. You can find many different patterns and colors that would perfectly match the interiors of your house. You can also have customized parquet flooring installed if you feel that you need more creativity in the design of the flooring. There are several companies that offer parquet customization services which include changing the color of the parquet flooring, adding additional patterns or symbols on the floor, etc.

Another great advantage of flooring is that it comes at affordable prices. Due to its popularity, flooring is often sold at discount prices. You can get parquet flooring that is less expensive than laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, etc. If you want a parquet that costs less than $200, you should opt for engineered flooring. It is made with special materials and can provide durable floors even with minimal maintenance.

Easy to maintain

When it comes to maintenance, parquet flooring is best for home decor because it requires little to no maintenance. You just have to sweep or vacuum the parquet flooring once a week. The installation process does not require any special treatment and can be installed by homeowners with minimal DIY skills. In terms of repairing the flooring, you can do this as often as needed.


Last but not the least; parquet flooring is best for home décor, because it is easy to maintain. Parquet floors are just like concrete or wood floors, they need regular care and attention. You just have to wipe up spills and use a damp mop when cleaning. If there are stubborn stains on the flooring, you may need to hire a professional cleaning service to remove them. However, if you clean the floor regularly, you will find it stays clean for a long time without requiring too much extra effort.

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