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Best Varieties Of Bedroom Curtains You Should Consider


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Bedroom Curtains

Bedroom curtains are important furniture in bedroom decoration. They are a pivotal part of bedroom accessories that contribute to the entire look of the interior décor. In fact, many room designs revolve around these curtains for they help create a relaxing and warm ambiance rather than a cold and impersonal atmosphere. Moreover, they bring life to your home décor by helping you achieve a specific theme or style like vintage, country-style, contemporary or classic. 

In addition to merely providing privacy, bedding can also enhance aesthetics of the bedroom. Depending on their appearance and design quality, these curtain sets will contribute to overall visual appeal when either installing it outside the window or hanging them over a full-length mirror or dressing table inside a walk-in closet. 

High-end bedding products are most popularly purchased as they tend to create a classic, luxurious and rich look that is timeless in style and comfortable to the eyes. Such curtains add personality to your bedroom space and help you express your creativity through color choices and unique designs. So if you like dressing up your bedroom with quality curtain sets, we’ve picked some of the best selling models for your consideration:

1. Robert Allen Dual Panels Sheer Curtains

These sheer curtains made from polyester fabric will exude an elegant sense of style to any room setting with its beautiful array of floral embroidery patterns on top which boasts pink flowers against shades of grey background.

Featuring transitional décor elements that give these curtains a sophisticated yet traditional feel, this set of two panels are the perfect addition to your living room or family room. They are machine-washable with easy care instructions and can be kept looking new by simply following some simple cleaning methods.

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2. Designers Guild Sheer Panel Curtains

Spruce up the look of any interior décor with these sheer lined curtains from well established British brand Designers Guild. Which features a Shaker Style design that gives it an elegant appeal and contemporary flair.

Machine washable, they come in either pink or grey options and are designed to create privacy as well as warmth at night thus allowing you to have peaceful sleep without worrying about light peeking through when out for work. These curtains are machine washable and easy to fold thus making them a wonderful choice for your bedroom windows.   

3. Robert Allen Blackout Sheer Curtains

These sheer curtains from the home décor expert, Robert Allen are perfect for bedrooms which experience direct light exposure early in the morning or late at night. When you’re trying hard to sleep. Blackout capability with these curtaining panels will ensure that there is no light leakage through the fabric.

As it’s designed with a special lining which cuts off all daylight giving complete privacy to you during sleeping hours. You will love its overall look especially its textured design given by intricate detailing of black flowers on a cream background. Made from high quality polyester material, these blackout curtains pair well with any décor theme.

4. Boston Valances Sheer Lined Curtains

These sheer curtains from Hungarian designer Boston give a luxury feel to your bedroom as they feature beautiful floral embroidery patterns on top of a durable cotton fabric which exude both warmth and elegance.

Hang them inside or outside the window depending on your room size since they come in three different sizes. 96 inches x 54 inches, 108 inches x 72 inches and 120 inches x 84 inches for better customization options that will bring out the best in your decorating preferences.

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We love these curtains because they have an alluring look as well as luxurious quality that is perfect for adding character to our rooms while providing comfort and privacy at night. Each set comes with 12 panels that are machine washable and easy to fold for convenient storage.

5. Pebble Embroidered Window Curtain Set

These sheer curtains from Woody Allen, a US based designer have a vintage appeal but will also blend seamlessly into any contemporary décor theme. Softly detailed in shades of peach and gold. These elegant curtains feature beautiful floral embroidery patterns on top of cotton fabric which is softened by the touch of horsehair fabric behind it thus giving them an overall look that is subtle yet stunning.

Each pair is sold as custom made therefore you can request your preferred length when ordering online by going through the measurement table available on their website. We love this product because its well-made design looks sophisticated with its exquisite detailing that gives it an overall antique look. Provided you follow the washing instructions scrupulously, these curtains will easily last for years to come.

6. Sun Zero Navy Embroidered Sheer Curtain Panel

For a simple yet graceful look in your bedroom, this blue sheer curtain panel from Sun Zero is likely to become a perfect choice for decorating the interior décor of your house. These curtains feature beautiful embroidery patterns on top of cotton fabric which makes them visually appealing. While still providing warmth and shielding the bedroom against excess sunlight that could disturb your sleep at night when you need complete darkness for peaceful slumber. 

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The product comes in three different sizes thus giving you greater customization options: 48 inches x 84 inches, 52 inches x 84 inches and 60 inches x 84 inches. For a tasteful and easy way to decorate your bedroom windows choose these curtains which will provide you with comfort as well as elegance for years to come.

7. Luxury Cotton Lined 

Top off the existing sensuous décor of your bedroom with this sheer curtain panel designed by Decotique, an innovative manufacturer of beautiful interior furnishings for your home. These curtains feature soft and flowy chiffon looks on top of cotton fabric that gives them a sturdy yet stylish look. While still allowing adequate light into your room during daytime hours making it suitable for sleeping areas. Especially if you have children studying during the day. 

The product comes in multiple sizes to choose from: 48 inches x 63 inches, 60 inches x 84 inches and 72 inches x 96 inches. Thus giving you greater customization options for a tasteful look. We invite you to add these curtains as an exquisite accent piece on your windows which will be sure to catch the attention of all visitors that come into your home.

8. Blackout Grommet Top Window Curtain Panel Pair

For a style statement that is full of elegance and panache, pair this beautiful curtain set with your bedroom décor. These sheer curtains come with a scalloped edge designed by Jovani Home Collections. A US based designer who has made a name for herself by designing aesthetically pleasing but affordable home furnishings. Each pair of these curtains is available in two sizes, 48 inches x 84 inches and 52 inches x 96 inches. Providing you with greater customization options for a perfect fit on your windows. 

The product features elegant grommet top window treatment design which helps it blend well into any residential décor theme while giving an airy feel to a room that will surely enhance the overall coziness of your bedroom. Add some class and formality to this beautiful curtain using a special curtain rod. Such as Ebony Finials Brackets Curtain Rod  which comes in three different finishes thus helping you achieve the desired look for your purchase.

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