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What Are Some Causes of Anxiety?


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If you are like most people, then you have dealt with some anxiety-related symptoms and problems throughout your life. Most everyone, from time to time, will deal with feelings of anxiety or fear regarding certain life circumstances and that just comes with having to go through life and its different challenges. While many signs of anxiety don’t indicate a huge problem, when these feelings are persistent and enable you from completing daily tasks and living your life, then you might be dealing with a diagnosis of anxiety. 

When people are diagnosed with anxiety, they can start onto a path of feeling better and improving their mental wellness through treatments like anxiety counseling Rexburg. In order to help understand ways to deal with the impact of anxiety, many people like to know what might have caused this anxiety disorder to form, in hopes to prevent it again in the future after they have undergone treatment. Every person is different and life experiences will impact everyone differently, but there are so many typical causes of anxiety that occur in people’s life when they are diagnosed with this particular condition. 

Negative Past Experiences

Many people can experience the linger impact of a negative childhood or past experience and have it manifest itself as anxiety in their life. Trauma, intense fear, abuse, and isolation are all things that people could have experienced in the past that still goes unresolved today. When triggers come up in our daily lives that remind us of these negative experiences, our mind and our body can remember them by causing our body to go into flight or fight mode when dealing with them. This impact can affect you even into adulthood which is why it is labeled as a potential cause as to why someone might deal with anxiety. 

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Current Life Situation

There are many different circumstances that you may be experiencing now that have caused some anxiety in your life. This world is filled with its ups and downs and sometimes there are a lot more downs than ups. These unfavorable current life situations could include:

  • Financial stress or money problems
  • Pressure from a career
  • Built-up stress
  • Grieving
  • Heartbreak

All of these that you are experiencing now could contribute to some of the causes of the anxiety that you are feeling. Life changes and change in general can also send people into an anxiety spiral as they try to grasp the new reality that they are going to have to live in. 

Overall Health

While anxiety is typically treated as a mental health concern. The mind and body are so interconnected that they do influence one another. Sometimes poor physical health can display mental health issues like causing anxiety in your life. If you are dealing with other mental health problems to begin with, you are likely to be dealing with anxiety as well because of that. Whatever the cause, or multiple causes, of your anxiety is, there is always hope for change and recovery. Counseling can help deal with the issues of the past, confront the issues you are facing in your life now, and set you on a track to better not only your mental health, but your physical health as well. All of these factors will help you to achieve overall mental wellness to help defeat the symptoms of anxiety in your life. 

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