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What Does It Take For SEO To Start Working?


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Now we are ready for the right answer. The answer? It all depends. Frustrating, isn’t it? But it’s the truth. What factors does it depend upon? It depends upon how long your website has existed, how extensive SEO has been done on them previously, how the website is in shape, how much content is there, its link profile, as well as many other factors. Although they may be in the same industry or competing for the customers of the other websites, there is no way to start them from the very same place. The following scenario is an example of what your SEO efforts might look like and the expected results.

  1. Planning, research, and discovery. If you can quickly conduct research and discover, technical changes could be made to your website within the first 30 days. In other instances, it may take several months to complete the research and discovery phase.


  1. Perform technical SEO work. Some websites may need to undergo a complete overhaul, which can take several months. It is possible to do other SEO activities while the overhaul is going on, such as building the content and improving your link profile. Even though you’re in this “SEO” situation, it’s still not going to produce any results. Because the changes are only going to start having an impact once completed, they won’t have any effect on your website.


  1. Get started on content creation. Blog, FAQs, Whitepapers, Articles, Product and seo Company Gold Coast information etc. It would be ideal to have started this work right after you have completed the strategy and planned. Budgets sometimes limit what can happen at once so a technical overhaul should be performed first. This is why you might notice some changes in rankings by month’s end. These rankings could translate into leads or sales. However, you shouldn’t expect them to happen yet.
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  1. Continued content production, technical optimization of your website, and building a healthy link profile. This may include cleaning down low quality. A noticeable rise in traffic, rankings, or lead generation could be expected by this month. It will not be as impressive as what you should have seen 12 months before your SEO efforts. However, it will show that SEO is still working.


  1. By the end of this month or even earlier, you might have incorporated social media into your strategy to amplify your content as well as increase website traffic. This can generate leads and a healthy link profile. This would allow you to continue content creation as well as engage in PR outreach and media outreach. Your website should be receiving more traffic from SEO by now, and your leads should be growing.


  1. If your traffic is more than 5,000 per month by this time, you might want to consider conversion rate optimization. This will allow you to improve the conversion of traffic to leads and sales. This point may see your activities focusing on content creation or promoting that content. You might also be engaging in more creative activities. These activities will vary depending on your company’s type and what website you have.


Many SEO companies will tell their clients that it takes about 4 to 6 months to start seeing results. It’s usually true. But, this is when you see results. SEO results improve over time. The 6-month results should be significantly less than what you get at 12 months. Some results will start to fall off at some point. This is a sign that it’s more important to keep them going than to grow them.

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