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What Everyone ought to know about wholesale boxes? Six facts


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Whether you are running an online business or a physical store there is one thing in common for both of them. Custom Boxes because it is the need of the time to make your product look alluring and engaging. So keeping these concerns in the mind the brands look for the wholesale suppliers to get their desired custom setup boxes.

What exactly is wholesale?

Wholesale is the place where all merchandise is available at a lower cost but in larger quantities. In simple words, you get more for paying less. Isn’t that amazing? You buy goods in a large amount directly from manufacturers or maybe distributors, store them in a warehouse and then sell them for profit to retailers or directly to your customers.

Who can buy wholesale items, you ask?

The answer is quite simple, anyone! Whoever has a business where that need to keep up with the high delivery boxes can buy Custom Boxes or any other product wholesale.

6 Facts to know before buying wholesale!

Types of wholesale

We have just started talking about the wholesale business, and there is a long discussion on the way. So sit up and wear your seat belt as we are going to hit the accelerator. We have explained the general idea behind wholesale, but there are deeper waters to dive into here. If you are considering this line of work, it is always a good idea to first grasp the concept. Understand various dimensions of wholesale before making a decision. It will not only help you clear your doubts but also a firmer decision. custom printed boxes are quite popular among wholesale dealers.

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There are three basic kinds of wholesalers. We have tried to explain them to you in the following lines as simply as possible.


The most common type of wholesalers is the Merchants. They have nothing to do with manufacturing products. But they are well versed in their respective business. They know when to buy a product at lower costs in large quantities. Similarly, when to release the product to the right buyer by adding in their profits. Come to think of it; it is a smart way of making money over products that someone else produces and reselling them for profit.


Pretty much what the name says. A broker is a middle man. He isn’t buying anything and has nothing to do with sales. All he is doing is that he is using his contacts and persuasive skills to break a deal between a wholesale dealer and a buyer/seller. You must be wondering that the broker must have some interest in the agreement. You are right! There is a commission for the middleman. The two parties give a set amount to the broker for making the deal happen.

Sales & distribution

There is another angle to wholesale dealing. Sales and distribution is something where manufacturers hunt out wholesale dealers. They come to an agreement where the manufacturer will deliver the wholesaler with the item in bulk. This is a good option in case of a customized demand.

Distributor – wholesale – retailers: Understanding the network of wholesale boxes suppliers

Bringing a product to customers is not a one-step process. Many back-end networks are working their way to make a product available in the market. The supply chain starts with the manufacturer, who, with the help of distributors, delivers the product to the wholesaler. Once the wholesale dealer has it in hand, then they sell bulk items to the retailers. This is the network that makes any product available in the market. The supply chain brings inconsistency to the process.

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Dealing in custom boxes is one of the favorite wholesale businesses because of the high demand. The supply chain network makes custom printed boxes convenient for everyone.

Wholesale is easy on the pocket.

The wholesale pricing is not so complicated. It is quite simple. Since the wholesale is buying directly from the manufacturer and in bulk, they can manage to bag a certain discount. Let’s assume that the wholesaler bought the shipment of 100 items for a total of $1000. He then decides to sell the cargo in packs of fifty or hundreds by adding $2 per product. The retailers buy the packs from them. What did the wholesaler make in this case? A whopping $2000 profit. Of course, there are other tactics for the wholesale sellers to make a profit. This is just one example to clear out any confusion.

Meet high demands

Suppose you own a busy business. It would help if you had large quantities of custom boxes to pack your items. To meet the high demand, you need a matching supply. You can only get it with a wholesale dealer. They will sell your desired amount in bulk for a lower cost. You won’t have to worry about supply anymore.

Easier to expand business

You are in the business. Making deals and transporting shipments, being the business icon you have always aspired to become. Once you have your foot on solid ground, you will realize the connections you have made in the network. These connections will open doors for expansion in the future. You don’t want to stay under the rock all your life; every business person likes to expand their “empire.” Since you have already laid the map, you only have to tread in other directions for expansion.

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You can dropship

There is a new kid in town. The e-commerce business has become popular over the last couple of years. Under this umbrella, the drop shipping mushroom has sprouted. Dropshipping is a convenient form of business for people with little startup funds. The shipper does not own or keep the stock. When someone makes an order with them, they forward the request to the actual seller. In most cases, the back-end seller is a wholesale dealer who then ships the item directly to the buyer. The drop shipper is only fishing for buyers and earning profit.

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