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Burn Injury Classification and Complications


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First-degree injuries have the lowest lethality of the three “degrees” of severity that physicians use to classify burns, whereas third-degree injuries are the most serious. Contacting a Los Angeles burn injury attorney is crucial in such scenarios.

Here is a brief summary of the three basic types of burn injuries:

  • First-degree burn injuries are mild and only harm the epidermis of the skin. These burn injuries can happen if anybody touches a hot pan on the burner for a split second. They usually result in some unpleasant sensations as well as brief skin redness.
  • Second-degree burns are much more severe and penetrate the lower layer of skin and the outer layer of the epidermis. You might get a 2nd-degree burn injury if you unintentionally contact a hot skillet or splash boiling water on yourself. Most second-degree burns result in blistering and edema in conjunction with pain and redness.
  • The most severe burns are third-degree burns. These burns lead to tissue damage by burning all the way through the skin’s epidermal and dermis layers. The skin may turn white, blackened and burned, or even numb if nerves are harmed. Third-degree burns are the most severe burn injuries that lead to legal action, including those from electrical shocks or flames.

Ongoing issues with burn injuries

Not all burns heal quickly or consistently. Many burn injury instances result in some common issues, while each person may have a different prognosis.

These issues can occur because of:

  • Infection. This includes bacterial skin infections as well as sepsis, which occurs when the infection enters the circulation. Particularly in a patient who is already weakened, serious conditions might result in organ failure.
  • Breathing issues Respiratory therapy may be necessary if you have inhaled smoke or have suffered lung injury from breathing hot air.
  • Scars. Burns can lead the skin to blister and contract, necessitating surgery to restore the skin or perform a skin graft. Surgery for skin grafts can go wrong, resulting in additional complications and expenses.
  • Delicate skin. Skin damage from burns may not heal completely. Again, it may become thinner and more prone to harm for the rest of the patient’s life.
  • Joint and bone issues. Scarred and constricted skin can knock on those tissues even if the burn injury did not immediately harm tendons and ligaments. This may result in persistent joint mobility issues.
  • Damage to one’s mind. Because of the accident that caused their injuries, burn patients may experience mental and emotional problems.
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