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Yara Zaya Flaunts Belly Bump: Is She Pregnant With Baby #2?


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During 90 Day Fiance Season 8 and especially Happily Ever After? Season 6, Yara Zaya became a fan-favorite.

Though her mother-in-law Gwen may be one of the most beloved franchise figures of all time, Yara won over many hearts.

Fans have been wondering for months if Yara and Jovi are expecting their second child.

There have been hints … and now, Yara is ready to show off her belly bump.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren treasure their precious baby Mylah.

In the past, Yara has affirmed her desire to have a second child … but not right away.

We have all seen that she and Jovi have some things to decide and work out as a couple before they expand their family.

Yara Zaya IG food baby bump 01 of 03

But all of that was months ago.

This week, Yara took to her Instagram Stories to give fans a glimpse at her belly.

That is a bump, folks. Is Yara pregnant?

Yara Zaya IG food baby bump 02 of 03

In the past, pregnancy rumors have been quashed by the noted absence of a baby bump.

For example, after Yara admitted to missing her period at the Tell All, we knew that she was not pregnant due to her flat tummy.

Obviously, that’s the opposite of this situation — and fans took to social media to congratulate her and Jovi.

Yara Zaya IG food baby bump 03 of 03

However, it seems that the congratulations from fans — though reasonable and in good faith — were premature.

“Yara is pregnant … with a food baby,” Yara’s rep revealed to In Touch Weekly on Tuesday, October 19.

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The quip clarified that she is not actually pregnant, but had just eaten a lot of good food.

Yara Zaya - but I don't have fun, I want to leave, I have a baby

Yara has very reasonably adjusted her lifestyle and daily routines to match being a parent.

Her husband, Jovi, has struggled with this adjustment.

Jovi has been reluctant to part ways with his party boy lifestyle and adapt to the hours and habits appropriate to being a parent to a baby.

Yara Zaya HEA s6 preview 04

On the one hand, Jovi has been living a party-going, fun-having, bar-hopping, strip-club-attending lifestyle for a long time.

Adjustments are difficult.

We can also note that Jovi having spent months away for work likely made it harder for him to adapt because less of his day-to-day life had changed.

Gwen Eymard tells her son to get on the right track

Gwen Eymard, Jovi’s mother and one of the most universally liked stars in the show’s history, knows all of this.

But as much as she loves her son and understands where he’s coming from, she also knows that he has to change.

Gwen has at times been blunt with him, reminding him of his new responsibilities.

Gwen Eymard can understand Yara's bond with Mylah

At times, Yara has overcorrected — asking guests to leave after only a few hours of visiting instead of simply retiring with the baby and asking them to be quiet.

Fans also observe that she and Jovi need to find a balance when it comes to decision-making.

No one should feel like a stranger or guest in their own home.

Jovi Dufren reminds Yara that she can just tell Gwen how she feels

But at the same time, if Jovi wants to take a more active role as Yara’s partner, he needs to be more responsible.

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It may be that a lot of progress has been made behind the scenes — since it has been many months since this sweet family filmed.

Whenever Yara really is expecting Baby #2, we’re sure that she and Jovi will be ready.


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