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How to rank your website without writing content?


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As a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer, it is quite difficult to spend time on writing content. Isn’t it?

How much time do you spend on creating content?

Many wonders if there is an alternate way to keep driving more traffic to your website?

If that is what you are looking for, then you are in the right place.

In this article we will be looking at ways to rank high on the search engine, i.e., Google without writing content.

Let us start.


Here is what most people do not know about podcasts, Google now indexes podcast content too. Are you surprised?

But that is how it is working right now.

You can get your podcast audio indexed in Google, and that can drive more traffic to your business page.

The best part is that they transcribe your podcast automatically and make it searchable in Google podcasts apps. In this way when people are searching for stuff that is covered in your podcasts, you could get traffic for.

You need to make sure that you follow Google’s guidelines for podcasting to make sure that your podcast is indexed by Google.

So, create a podcast!

Email newsletters 

You can also drive traffic to your site using email newsletters.

In your newsletter, you can always share a link that directs to your website page. Just make sure that you are sharing emails with the right people.

In case you are facing an issue with your email list. Here is a tip for you to build the email list.

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How to find people’s address? 

Use email finder tools like to find people’s address. This is a wonderful way to locate the correct email address easily and quickly.

You can even start with the free trial.

Let us investigate more ways to drive traffic and improve rankings.

Optimize your old content 

Use Google search console (earlier known as the Google webmaster), look at your articles that rank on second or third page and try to improve their click through rate.

For this you could put the keywords that’s getting searched a lot within the title tag, meat description; this will help greatly in driving more clicks, traffic, and eventually boost rankings.

Guest blogging on your site 

You can reach out to all the other bloggers in your niche and encourage them to get their content published on your site. To some bloggers you may have to pay, and, in some cases, people will publish their content for free.

And once you get enough bloggers to post on your site, you can get everyone to start publishing articles for free.

Isn’t this great where if you do not want to write content, you can make others write content for you?

Double-down on videos 

Are you creating videos already? If yes, then great and if not, just go for it.

Every marketer and business owner must know that text-based content is not everything. If you wish to rank on Google, you need to work on creating videos too.

Have you noticed that a lot of results shown on Google search page are video-based content? That is how immensely powerful it is.

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Therefore, creating video-based content that is at least minimum five minutes length can help you a lot.

Create tools 

You may use the site CodeCanyon to buy scripts and some easy-to-use tools. You can make it pop up on your site and it will not take more of your time.

By adding simple yet useful tools on your site, you can see that those pages are getting more popular.

Final Thoughts 

By following all these tips, you could well increase your website’s ranking on the search engine without writing content.

Try this out and you will find some of these strategies working out well.

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